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of the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and undergraduate student James Rives ..

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Hometown: Beijing, Peoples Republic of China. ISU major: Biochemistry. Responsibilities in the lab: Collect and analyze plant data. Career goals: To be a lab assistant for a professor and have my own research program. Liked best about working with the Nikolau group: Having a chance to meet people and make new friends, and learn more about things relevant to my major.

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Program graduates will understand and critically evaluate current research in biochemistry. Coursework that builds upon the students' undergraduate education will provide the initial steps to achieve this outcome. Continued critical reading of current literature is essential for reaching this outcome.

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Different ways of conducting Undergraduate Research in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry

Hometown: Dayton, IA. Major: Biochemistry and French, Grinnell College. Responsibilities in the lab: Assisted with work on characterization of the substrate binding site of Arabidopsis Acetyl CoA Synthetase (ACS) through mutations of binding site residues and substrate diversification of ACS. Career goals: Either medical school to pursue work with pediatrics or graduate school for biochem biorenewables research. Liked best about working with the Nikolau group: I most enjoyed all of the one-on-one learning opportunities I had with the graduate students in the lab. I had the opportunity to learn lab techniques I normally wouldn’t experience until much further into my education. Fun fact: I am on the Cross Country and Track and Field Teams at Grinnell.

Hometown: Ankeny, IA. Major: Agricultural Biochemistry. Responsibilities in the lab: Screening for transposon knockout genes of interest in Maize. Career goals: I am interested in world food problems and agricultural sustainability. Though a bit unrelated to a background in science, I am passionate about being philanthropic and would enjoy working with a charitable organization. Liked best about working with the Nikolau group: I enjoyed working with a research group that encourages a lot of undergraduate collaboration and learning and provides all the resources to do so. Fun fact: I enjoy performing with my friends in Allionce, a Vietnamese lion dance team.

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Phd Thesis Biochemistry. Are open to children do not have to the students of undergraduate phd biochemistry thesis graduate …

A graduate student may take an advanced undergraduate course for graduate credit only upon the approval of the department at the time of registration. Such approval is granted only with the provision that the student complete additional work in order to receive graduate credit.

Problem-solving among undergraduate students enrolled in biology and biochemistry courses using social science methods (e.g., reviews of student work, interviews); 2.

Undergraduate Undergraduate courses offered by the Department of Biochemistry. BIOC 339 is a general biochemistry course, which …
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Chemistry is an excellent foundation for any scientific, professional or business career, including but not limited to agricultural chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, dentistry, ecology and environmental chemistry, forensic science, geochemistry, management and marketing, materials science, medicine, optometry and ophthalmology, patent law, pharmacology, physical chemistry, plas­tics and polymer chemistry, renewable energy, synthetic organic chem­istry, toxicology or veterinary science. Students are encouraged to meet with an undergraduate advisor to design a curriculum focused on their career goals.

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The curriculum in biochemistry prepares students for careers requiring a strong background in basic principles of the physical and life sciences. Students completing a biochemistry major are prepared for professional employment in the expanding fields of agricultural and environmental sciences, chemical industry, health-related industries, and biotechnology-based industries. An undergraduate major in biochemistry also provides a strong preparation for graduate study in the sciences and for entry into a professional program such as dentistry, medicine, optometry, and pharmacy.

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The undergraduate major in Biochemistry at West Virginia University is not administered through the School of Medicine. Undergraduate Biochemistry majors are administered by the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences and the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design.

Undergraduate Instructional Apprenticeship in Biological Sciences

Pass/No Pass Option—A junior or senior student in Columbian College who is in good academic standing may, with the approval of the instructor and the Office of Undergraduate Studies, take one course per semester that is usually graded on a letter-grade basis for a grade of P, Pass, or NP, No Pass. Students may not elect to take more than four P/NP courses under this regulation. Students may, however, also receive grades of P/NP in courses that are graded on a P/NP basis only. Courses taken under the P/NP option are not counted toward the G-PAC requirement or the requirements for any major or minor field. Transfer students may not elect this option until the second semester of enrollment in the University. Under no circumstances may a student change from P/NP status to graded status, or vice versa, after the end of the eighth week of class.

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BIOC 339 is a general biochemistry course, which provides a comprehensive treatment of biochemistry that is biased towards the study of higher animals and in particular, humans. This course is offered in the fall semester. In addition, faculty in the Department may also be willing to host undergraduates in their laboratories for research experiences ranging from a one semester research course to an honor’s thesis.

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