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a strong impact of SES on student academic performance was found.

The Effect of Social Factors on Students' Academic Performance in Nigerian Tertiary ..

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sporting activities and student academic ..

Survey of the profession of occupational therapy. Includes information on academic and professional requirements, career opportunities, general description, and history of the profession. Open to all students. LEC.

Factors Affecting the Students' Academic Performance

Potential graduate students should apply by January 15 to receive fullest consideration for financial aid. Applicants should indicate the title of the degree sought (Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or Social Science), and the academic area of concentration (see above). All applicants are required to submit Graduate Record Examination General Test scores. Letters of recommendation and the applicant’s statement of interest are important factors in the admission decision.

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The M.A. degree is awarded to UCI Ph.D. students who complete necessary requirements or to students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program (or equivalent) at another institution who are directly admitted for graduate study leading only to the master’s degree at UCI. Such applicants must provide evidence that their Ph.D. program agrees to this one-year arrangement. Requirements include the submission of a petition to the Graduate Committee along with a proposed plan of study consisting of 36 units of relevant Mathematical Behavioral Science courses, normally including the core requirement in mathematical statistics, and the satisfactory completion of a comprehensive examination.

This degree is the only terminal M.A. degree in either medical anthropology or science and technology studies in the University of California system. The program recognizes that these two fields and the social phenomena they examine are inextricably linked, and flexible course offerings provide students with an opportunity to pursue projects that focus on either field or that bridge both areas of study.

Ethnographers of medicine, science, and technology are in high demand, and the M.A. in MSTS will enable students to respond to the significant and rapidly changing impact of medicine, science, and technology upon economies and societies around the world. The program helps to prepare students for a range of employment opportunities in academia, public health, technology industries, and the nonprofit sector.

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The reality is that roughly 40% of the student body plays a varsity sport. Slightly less than that number got into Amherst in large part because they played a sport well in high school---- not just on their academic merits. I like watching varsity sports like the next person, but the reality is that if Amherst is serious about its academic mission, I'm not sure there is a space exclusively (which is to say, carved out, by giving preferred treatment in the application process) for athletes. The culture that varsity athletes bring to this campus is mostly a negative, and I can imagine for young women, a dangerous one. I say this despite knowing a number of fantastic student athletes who buck the trend.

The generalization of athletes and general ignorance in this article is completely astonishing. You pretend to represent a standard of morality in the community while at the same time condemning a large proportion of the student body as a group of non intelligent, abusive, non contributing members of the community. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that on this campus the likelihood of an athlete committing sexual assault in the same alcohol fueled interaction is greater than a non athlete. To say otherwise is offensive and spiteful. This guy is the professor who would stereotype athletes in his class as not good students when almost 40% of the school body is on a varsity sports team. Thats a pretty big proportion of kids to consider not good students and still support amherst's claim to academic excellence. Overall just frankly embarrassed that such ignorance could be displayed by a professor from this institution.

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"Student Athletes' Perceptions of Self" by Todd, …

This is an elective course that allows students to pursue areas of special interest under the direction of a doctoral faculty member of his or her choice. This course is designed to support doctoral training. Academic options range from research based studies and/or activities to critical analysis of clinical practice methods. Students will complete special projects relevant to their designated practice area of interest. Students must negotiate learning objectives, academic projects and evaluation standards with their mentor. May be repeated for credit. PREREQUISITE: Permission of department. LEC RSH.

01/03/2003 · Student Athletes ' Perceptions of ..

An elective (optional) supervised experience in a facility meeting specific criteria. Qualified occupational therapist will supervise this experience. This fieldwork would allow students to pursue areas of special interest. Length and time commitment of experience will be commensurate with credit hours (e.g. each credit requires 80 hours of fieldwork contact at specified site). Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of required academic coursework and .. LEC.

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A required full-time, three-month supervised experience in a facility meeting specified criteria. Qualified occupational therapists will supervise this experience. Students will be exposed to a variety of age ranges and disabilities within different service delivery systems. Ages, disabilities, and service provision systems for this course will differ from the student's prior fieldwork experience. Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of required academic coursework. LEC.

Effects of America's Three Affirmative Action Programs …

A required full-time, three-month supervised experience in a facility meeting specified criteria. Qualified occupational therapists supervise the experience. Students will be exposed to a variety of age ranges and disabilities within different service delivery systems. Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of required academic coursework. LEC.

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