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Why Are Some Parts of the Bible Put in Parentheses?

Enlarging upon this precious theme in his letter to the Ephesian believers Paul, in chapter 2, twice refers to our condition, before the good news of the gospel reached us, as "dead in trespasses and sins." His heart seems to overflow as he speaks of God's "rich mercy;" His "great love;" "the exceeding riches of His grace," and "His kindness towards us in Christ Jesus," and in verse 5 he cannot refrain from adding, by way of parenthesis, "by grace yea are saved," as though he would emphasize the fact that we owe everything to the precious Saviour by whom "grace came." What happy assurance fills our souls as we contemplate the greatness of the salvation which grace has wrought (the verb is in the perfect tense) — our salvation is secure and abides.

Parentheses of Scripture. - Stem Publishing

In Acts 10 Peter, speaking to Cornelius, insists upon these rights of Christ — "The word which God sent unto the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ;" and then we have the short but delightfully expressive parenthesis — "He is Lord of all." The apostle had heard the voice "from the excellent glory" telling the Father's delight in Christ; he had been an eyewitness "of His majesty" and he, so to speak, interrupts his discourse to Cornelius in order to express his heartfelt appreciation of the universal supremacy of his Lord. Blessed indeed to find our own affections in full accord with Peter's word — "He is Lord of all."

Why is Romans 5:13 in parenthesis in the King James …

The four living beings presented in Ezekiel 1 are also Cherubs who are located below the throne of God:

Gabriel is in parenthesis because the Bible never says that he is an Archangel [though his name does appear in the Bible]. We cannot be dogmatic about what kind of rank Gabriel has, but I think there is a way to demonstrate that he is an Archangel. Gabriel says:

Finally we refer to a passage which has been the stay and comfort of the people of God throughout the present dispensation. In 1 Thess. 4 after assuring the hearts of the saints as to those who had fallen asleep through Jesus, Paul is led by the Spirit in verse 15-18 (a parenthesis) to disclose in unmistakable language the precious truth of the Lord's coming for His own. The urgent importance of this truth, so sadly neglected and misunderstood by many, lies not only in its parenthetic presentation but also in the apostle's word, "For this we say unto you ". This word of absolute authority and power thrills our hearts — the will soon rapture us , we shall actually meet the in the air and shall be for ever with the . In this short parenthesis the name of the appears five times in four verses — all power is His, nothing can successfully challenge His right to have His people with Him for ever. "Wherefore comfort one another with these words."

so they framed them in parenthesis.

The Church is a “mere parenthesis” in God’s plan, and as such it will be removed from history during the Rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 and 5:1-11).

So such devices have sometimes been used by translators, although, I don't think too often. Also, in the case of the Apostle Paul, he often wrote in very long sentences which lend themselves to having part of the sentence bracketed off in order for it to 'hang together' a bit better in English. And I think that is your answer.
Robin A. Brace, December 15th 2009.

It is generally accepted that the whole of Ephesians 3 from verse 2 to the end is also one of Paul's parentheses — and rich indeed is its content. The revelation of the mystery; the unsearchable riches of the Christ; the manifold wisdom of God and His eternal purpose; the riches of His glory; the breadth and length and depth and height of the divine realm; the love of Christ which passeth knowledge; the fulness of God; the abounding ability of our God; the power which worketh in us. As we contemplate something of the greatness and importance of these precious truths, so uniquely dear to the heart of the apostle, we can surely join again in his doxology — "Unto Him be glory in the Church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen."

Question: This came up recently: Romans 5:13 is in parenthesis in the King James version
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Parenthesis - Examples and Definition of Parenthesis

The parentheses of Romans 1:2 and (in the New Translation) verse 3, magnify the glories of our Lord in His Manhood and in His Deity — the glorious subject of the "gospel of God" — the One ever in the mind of God as the Fulfiller of every promise emanating from His heart for the blessing of men; and the One, who in the power of resurrection would remove death and all its consequences from God's creation. It is the Son of God giving effect to every desire of God, establishing through death and resurrection (the power of which was seen in every step of His holy pathway here) the rights of God in blessing, and eventually removing completely every feature introduced by Satan and practised by man which challenged the glory of God Himself. The gospel is of God, its theme is "His Son Jesus Christ our Lord;" our hearts drink in the blessed results of divine love — "we joy in God," and join in Paul's happy doxology — "for Him, and Him, and Him, are all things; to whom be glory for ever. Amen."

Definition, Usage and a list of Parenthesis Examples in literature

Actually, the resurrection that occurs at the end of the millennium is obviously the SECOND resurrection, while the first (general) resurrection occurs when Jesus returns, at the beginning of the millennium (see verses 6, 11-13). If this same verse division was kept, it would be good to put parenthesis around this last sentence in this verse, in order to offset it from the rest of the verse.

A true Parenthesis is not complete without the context.

Verses 20-28 in 1 Corinthians are most obviously a parenthesis (see New Translation); the context would indicate this to be so, verse 19 so definitely connecting with verse 29. The content of this section is beyond the scope of the present paper, but is replete with the greatest truths. The assertion of the truth of Christ's resurrection; the establishing thus of a realm in which the living God can bring to fruition His eternal purpose of blessing and glory; the precious features of the new Head — "in Christ all shall be made alive" — in contrast to the state of death consequent upon Adam's failure in headship; every enemy, including death itself, annulled, and everything seen in subjection under the feet of Christ, who will hand the kingdom over to God in all its pristine beauty and in absolute accord with God's own mind and desires. And, finally, the introduction of the eternal state in which God is "all in all." Precious truths indeed!

Biblical References: Format and Examples

So three translations (out of about fourteen that I checked), felt it necessary to add just a little something [parentheses] to the original Greek text in order to make the verse more understandable. I think we can see why - this is quite a tricky verse!

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