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For example, strains of hemp, which are used as fiber, are bred such that they are low in psychoactive chemicals like THC.

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Producers are also often strained by the management of time, effort, and expense, not to mention chemical waste.

The challenges of both chemical synthesis and botanical extraction are a thing of the past for

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One of a group of isolated or chemically derived from opium. Often synonymous with opiate, but sometimes restricted to semisynthetic products (e.g. diamorphine) or chemically related synthetic substances (e.g. methadone).

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Due to molecular similarity and ease of synthetic conversion, it was originally believed that CBD was a natural precursor to THC.

Strains used in medicine are often bred for high CBD content, and strains used for recreational purposes are usually bred for high THC content, or for a specific chemical balance.

Because these cannabinoids are so small in size, isolating these compounds in usable volume requires the cultivation of large quantities of cannabis, currently some cannabinoid compounds are found in such small volumes in the plant they are not commercially viable for study in drug development.

InMed Pharmaceuticals, however, enjoys the unique benefit of developing a cannabinoid biosynthesis process to provide access to the entire suite of all 90 plus naturally-occurring (not just THC or cannabidiol).

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Chemical synthesis is one method tried by pharmaceutical companies exploring the health benefits of cannabinoids for their own product pipeline.

Aphria’s medicinal cannabis is 100 percent greenhouse grown in natural sunlight and offers a patient care team to assist customers purchasing its THC and CBD products.

Isodiol International (CSE: ISOL) (OTC: ISOLF) (FSE: LB6A.F) is a market leader in pharmaceutical- and nutraceutical-grade phytochemical (plant-based) compounds, specializing in the manufacturing and development of phytoceutical consumer products.

(NASDAQ: CARA) and Axim Biotechnologies (OTC: AXIM).

Other biopharmaceutical companies may produce cannabinoids in the laboratory using chemical synthesis, but there’s a litany of drug development efforts with synthetic molecules that have failed.

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  • Perfume (Esters) - Academic Technology | iTech Server

    The synthesis of (±)-2′11-dihydroxy-Δ9-THC, a difunctionalized metabolite ofΔ9-THC, is presented.

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    22/07/1999 · The THC content varies tremendously between different sources and preparations of cannabis

  • I would really like to give THC-V synthesis a go, ..

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Also could someone give me a ball park estimate on the chemical …

The company’s breakthrough approach to cannabinoid biosynthesis has incredible potential in helping other companies with their cannabis-related drug development efforts.

Another company deeply invested in the manufacturing of synthetic (chemistry-based) cannabinoids is Zynerba Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ZYNE).

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Importantly, by making individual cannabinoid compounds, InMed can avoid any contamination by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the mind-altering chemical in the cannabis plant – and, therefore, InMed products will have no psychoactive properties.

04/01/2018 · A comprehensive chemical review is ..

The difficulty, tedium, costliness and time-consuming nature of the process is, overall, off-putting and creates a great deal of chemical waste.

The proprietary cannabinoid manufacturing process pioneered by InMed addresses this problem through biosynthesis, which is the process of utilizing naturally occurring cannabinoid DNA to produce cannabinoid compounds in a laboratory setting.

it comes to producing the chemical of ..

(NASDAQ: ZYNE), a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing proprietary synthetic (chemistry-based) cannabinoid treatments for transdermal delivery, and GW Pharmaceuticals plc (NASDAQ: GWPH), which is also at the forefront of pre-clinical research and development of cannabinoids that are extracted from plants.

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Additionally, InMed’s biosynthesis process can produce all of the 90+ cannabinoids naturally found in cannabis, enabling the company to avoid the harmful chemicals that are used in the cannabis growing process and offering an easier way to scale-up from the laboratory to full production.

The company’s preclinical development pipeline includes INM-750 for the treatment of epidermolysis bullosa (EB), an orphan pediatric disease with no currently approved therapy.

What is the chemical properties of marijuana

For biotech companies looking to harness these compounds for drug development, the challenge is two-pronged: the time consuming, expensive process of sourcing cannabinoids naturally and removing impurities, or safely and efficiently attempting chemical synthesis of compounds identical to those found in nature, a problem driven by the requirements of the FDA.

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