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Coq10 is not a vitamin but a nutrient.

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T1 - Muscle coenzyme Q10 level in statin-related myopathy

Alzheimer's disease, amyloid
Neuroprotective effect of Coenzyme Q10 on ischemic hemisphere in aged mice with mutations in the amyloid precursor protein.
Coenzyme Q10

I'm a 61 yr old active male and started taking 200 mgs daily of CoQ10 three months ago.

The current meta-analysis provided evidence that CoQ10 was safe and well tolerated in participants with PD and no superior to placebo in terms of motor symptoms.

Statin drug and coenzyme q10 deficiency

Effect of coenzyme Q10 supplementation on heart failure: a meta-analysis.

Since most people take a large dose of coQ10, such as 60 or 100 mg, even if one preparation were not absorbed as well, there should still be plenty to be helpful.

Both preparations induced significant increases in serum levels and there was were no differences between CoQ10 levels for the two preparations at either time point.

Median baseline serum CoQ10 concentration in 99 men was 1.2 mg/l.

We compared CoQ10 (3 x 100 mg/day) and placebo in 42 migraine patients.

Thomas Newman and Stephen Hulley proposed ( JAMA 1996 Jan.3)1 that since fibrate and statin cholesterol-lowering drugs cause cancer in rodents, they might cause unexplained cancers in patients when taken for a long time; and that their use for patients not at high cardiac risk could therefore be unwise. Meta analysis of randomized clinical tri-als suggests that lipid lowering drugs likely increases non cardiovascular mor-tality, lending plausibility to the Newman/Hulley proposal.2

There have been at least nine placebo controlled studies on the treatment of heart disease with Co Q10: two in Japan, two in the United States, two in Italy, two in Germany, and one in Sweden. All nine of these studies confirm the effectiveness of Co Q10 as well as its remarkable safety. There have now been eight international symposia on the biomedical and clinical aspects of Co Q10 (from 1976 through 1993). These eight symposia included over 300 papers presented by approximately 200 different physicians and scientists from 18 different countries. The majority of these scientific papers were Japanese (34%), with American (26%), Italian (20%) and the remaining 20% from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Austria, France, India, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, USSR, and Finland. The majority of the clinical studies concerned the treatment of heart disease and were remarkably consistent in their conclusions that treatment with Co Q10 significantly improved heart muscle function while producing no adverse side effects or negative drug interactions.

According to these results, we cannot recommend CoQ10 for the routine treatment of PD right now.
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  • Coenzyme Q10, Isodecaprenol, Solanesol, Coupling reaction.

    Inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and CoQ10 deficiency have been well documented in CFS.

  • Coenzyme Q10 - CoQ10 - Pure Bulk Supplements

    Oral CoQ10 improves functional capacity, endothelial function, and LV contractility in CHF without any side effects.

  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) - Dr. Weil

    DiabetesCoenzyme Q10

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9 Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) - Healthline

Matsura T, Yamada K, Kawasaki T. Difference in antioxidant activity between reduced coenzyme Q9 and reduced coenzyme Q10 in the cell:Studies with isolated rat and guinea pig hepatocytes treated with a water-soluble radical initiator. J Biochem Biphys Acta 1992;1123:309-15.

Coenzyme Q10: Uses, Forms and Dosage Recommendations

Sinatra ST, Canaan CT, Coenzyme Q, Lenaz G, Raton FL, Kagan VE, et al. The Coenzyme Q10 Phenomenon;The Breakthrough Nutrient that helps Combat Heart Disease, Cancer, Aging, and more;2001.p.

Q-Gel | Coenzyme Q10 Supplement - Tishcon Corp

Conclusion: This process achieved CoQ10 starting from an abundantly available solanesol from tobacco waste. Further improvement in the coupling reaction between Isodecaprenol (V) and Benzohydroquinone (VII) in the presence of Lewis acid may lead to a better and viable synthetic process. Hence this process may be economical and potential to be used for large-scale production.

Dr. Duane Graveline on Cholesterol and Coenzyme Q10 …

Results: Coenzyme Q10 has been semi-synthesized by a novel process from the solanesol isolated from tobacco waste (biological waste) using readily available and inexpensive precursors like PCl3, ethyl acetoacetate, Grignard reagent and benzohydroquinone derivative via the formation of important precursor Isodecaprenol and optimizing the each reaction. The overall yield of Coenzyme Q10 was 17.24% under the optimized conditions.

Amazing CoQ10: Repair and Heal Periodontal Disease

Methods: The authors described herein a new, short and highly efficient semi-synthetic route for Coenzyme Q10 (Scheme 1,2&3) starting with isolated solanesol (I) from tobacco waste via the formation of solanesol chloride (II), solanesol ester (III), solanesol acetone (IV) and isodecaprenol (V) as an intermediates. Later attachment of two subsections of the target, that is, a benzohydroquinone as an important precursor (VII), and an isodecaprenol (V, 50 carbon chain) was anticipated to occur via a zinc chloride catalyzed coupling reaction obtained Coenzyme Q10 (VI) in 90.00 % isolated yield. The synthesized compounds were characterized by FT-IR, 1H & [13]C NMR, LC-MS spectral data and elemental analyses.

CoQ10 supplement benefit and side effects, safety, …

Objective: Development of new semi-synthetic route for Coenzyme Q10 from solanesol isolated from tobacco waste and structural characterization by FT-IR, 1H & [13]C NMR, LC-MS spectral data and elemental analyses.

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