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Victim of Formaldehyde Gas Poisoning Tells All You …

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They all work for the same master.

And what happens to children taken by child protective services is very often worse than the situations from which they were supposedly 'rescued'.

His book offers advice based on what he had learned the hard way as a single parent reclaiming his two daughters after five years and eight courtroom battles representing himself.

Iodine for Hypothyroidism: Crucial Nutrient or Harmful …
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We may not agree with everything that Putin does in the name of Russia, but at least he is willing to do what our President is not in the US – protect his people from genetically modified foods.

Putin believes that he can keep GMOs out of his country, even while staying in compliance with the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) commandments.

Cancer Protocol, Nutrition & Supplements – Nutrition …

Cancer Protocol, Nutrition, Supplements, Herbs, Enzymes
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Experiments, on the compound capsacisin reveal that this compound specifically targeted the tumors and cancerous cells without affecting the healthy cells.

It was found that capsaicin was able to do this by interfering with protein synthesis of the cancer cells, degradation of the cell DNA and interfering with cell transcription mechanisms of cancerous cells.

Prepare yourself to be shocked and amazed that our Federal agency that is designed to protect us, the Food and Drug Administration, is allowing these dangerous and unhealthy practices to be perpetrated on an unwitting public, all in the name of profits.
This video was recently posted to Youtube, showing a woman peeling off of her freshly bought supermarket romaine lettuce what appears to be a plastic coating, similar to the type one would peal off of the screen of a new electronic gadget.

Zyflo CR - FDA prescribing information, side effects and uses

30/05/2007 · Zyflo CR official prescribing information for healthcare professionals
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What the architects of that project once dismissed literally as junk surrounding our genes is proving far more vital than anyone ever expected—in fact, it may hold the very keys to understanding evolution itself.

When scientists began the HGP, they were expecting to find approximately 100,000 protein-coding genes to account for the complexity of our species.

Blaylock's book and newsletters about how fruit juice and smoothies are even more harmful, particularly when you have cancer, than raw, whole fruit because the sugar can be more rapidly absorbed, and about how you should instead use concentrated extracts of certain berries and fruit without the sugar), and the brands mentioned cost a lot more than generic ones (see my main cancer protocol page for links to where I buy them -- and I have no affiliate codes or commissions, so I am telling you what I take myself and have no vested interest in what I recommend or that you buy).
It's important to understand that just because something may be "okay" on one list (e.g., organic, or low in pesticides, etc.), it may still be harmful or not a good choice because of other reasons (e.g., GMO produce that is low in pesticides; high pesticide produce that non-GMO; organic sugar, lead, mercury, lollipops, liquor, etc.

Includes: indications, dosage, adverse reactions, pharmacology and more.
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  • Cancer Protocol, Nutrition & Supplements

    Ordinary e …

  • Flow Chemistry: Recent Developments in the Synthesis …


  • Flow Chemistry: Recent Developments in the Synthesis of ..

    Yader flies jets for cash, writes at Return Of Kings for pleasure, and dates American women for pain

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Recent Developments in the Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Products

Just look at what it did for colleague Roger Servin:

It's a Powerful Prostate Protector

Roger is a holistic health practitioner from Naples, Florida.

Pure Oxycodone Synthesis - My Tek - Science & …

And in adults the conversion rate is tiny; the US Environmental Protection Agency has posted this PowerPoint presentation (slide 5) that explains less than 1% conversion of ALA to EPA (some sources say somewhat higher), and

Though these details have traditionally escaped the followers of Joanna Budwig and Udo Erasmus, fatty acids expert Dr.

Benzo Discussion; Deliriant Discussion; ..

(Note: you actually need a small amount of pure omega-6 oils which you will get on this protocol from your GLA and olive oil, which contains mostly health-promoting omega-9 mono-unsaturated fat).

I take a black-currant-seed-oil (or Borage or Evening Primrose oil) capsule every day for its high GLA content (available in virtually every health food store or on the net).

I use no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil (just what sneaks in when I go to a restaurant).

The benefit of this synthesis is that it has no toxic ..

And prevention, not treatment, is what you need to focus on.

The very best way to protect your brain and organs from chronic disease is to get the right balance of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids.

A General and Efficient Copper Catalyst for the …

What a potentiation of effectiveness!

Further, insulin has properties that encourage the cancer cells to enter a phase of DNA synthesis and cell division, the vulnerable phase.

A General and Efficient Copper Catalyst for the Amidation of ..

Fibrin and exudate are fancy medical names for 'snot.'

If cancer is both protected by snot and spreads due to snot, what happens to your cancer cells if you were to take the snot away?

If you get rid of the sticky snot that surrounds cancer cells and helps to feed the cancer cells, then the cancer will starve and go away.

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