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Then, in 1808 John Dalton came up with the Modern Atomic Theory.

Rutherford predicted that if Thomson’s model was correct, then the mass of the atom was spread out through the atom.

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Ernest Rutherford and the Modern Atomic Theory

A scientist called Ernest Rutherford designed an experiment to test the plum pudding model. It was carried out by his assistants Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden.

The discovery and contribution of the atom formed the foundation of modern nuclear weapons.

Thompson's plum pudding model.

There was a complete paradigm shift; the atom was no longer seen as a mass positively charged matter with a few scattered electrons; now the model of the atom was a small, dense, positively charged nucleus surrounded by mostly empty space, with electrons traveling around the nucleus.
The results of Rutherford's experiments are still valid, but now we know that the nucleus is also composed of neutrons, thanks to James Chadwick (1932), and not just protons.

physick - Ernest Rutherford and the Gold Foil experiment

Later in the year He revised Rutherford’s nuclear structure to Max Planck’s quantum theory and created the Bohr model of the atom....

These defections were not regular in Thomson’s model, so Rutherford was forced to discard the “Plum Pudding” model where he then reasoned that the only way the particles could have bounced back was if most of the atoms mass was focused on the middle nucleus, leaving most of the atom made up of empty space, while the electrons and protons orbited around the nucleus like the planets around the sun.

Twelve years later, Ernest Rutherford’s gold-foil experiment disproved Thomson’s Plum Pudding Model with its discovery of the positively charged nucleus.

Ernest Rutherford and the Gold Foil experiment


Also, it motivated other scientists to study the atom more intricately.
Result Analysis
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Experiment Set Up
Personal History
Setting of Experiment
Rutherford conducted his Gold Foil Experiment in 1911 at the University of Manchester, in the United Kingdom.
Ernest Rutherford was born at Spring Grove in Nelson, New Zealand on August 30, 1871, to James and Martha Rutherford.

Rutherford called this positively or negatively charged center the Nucleus; he never did specify what charge he thought the nucleus had. Ernest Rutherford and the gold foil experiment. He decided to test this with a thin film of gold atoms. These sparkles would be hard to see in a lit room so the experiment would have to be conducted in a dark room. Rutherford eventually did discover that the nucleus of an atom was positively charged, but this was done in a different experiment. He also came to the conclusion that the said central force had to be a very small portion of the atom, because the majority of the alpha particles passed directly through the atom. Rutherford was forced to discard the Plum Pudding model and reasoned that the only way the alpha particles could be deflected backwards was if most of the mass in an atom was concentrated in a nucleus. So, the nucleus must be charged. The conclusion that an atom was much more than just empty space, came from the simple fact that a small portion of the alpha particles got deflected at angles that averaged out to be approximately ninety degrees. Then, if he shot high velocity alpha particles (helium nuclei) at an atom then there would be very little to deflect the alpha particles. If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. Rutherfords study of Alpha particles began in the late nineteenth century, when he was residing in Manchester. Whenever they hit the zinc sulphide coated screen, they were to produce a small glowing spot on the screen. Check out our fun facts for kids that feature interesting trivia,"s and information related to a range of famous scientists.

The Gold Foil Experiment (Ernest Rutherford)
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