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When seedlings areinfected with Fusarium, damping-off may occur.

Fusarium vasinfectum G.F.

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(1978) Refusal of food contaminated with T-2 fusariotoxin.

(1985) Effect of cultural practices, soil phosphorus, potassium and pH on the incidence of Fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol levels in wheat.

3.4 Effects on man Claviceps-infected grain is a source of human exposure to ergolines.

Only a few of the known trichothecenes have been found to contaminate food or animal feed including: deoxynivalenol (DON), nivalenol (NIV), diacetoxyscirpenol (DAS), and T-2 toxin and, less frequently, certain derivatives (3-Ac-DON, 15-Ac-DON, fusarenon-X and HT-2 toxin).

Vomiting factor from moldy corn infected with Fusarium spp.

(1980) Contamination of feedstuffs with toxin-producing strains of  Fusaria and their toxins.

The doses that produced 50% inhibition of 3H-thymidine uptake in mitogen-stimulated human lymphocytes for fusarenon-X, NIV, DON, and 15-AcDON were 18, 72, 140, and 240 ng/ml, respectively.

The diarrhoea induced by ip admin-istration of 1.0 mg fusarenon/kg in male Wistar rats was not mediated by the cyclic nucleotide system as the mycotoxin did not increase the cyclic GMP and AMP contents in the intestinal mucosa (Matsuoka & Kubota, 1987).

Fusarium wilt disease is caused Fusarium oxysporum f

(1987) Natural occurrence of  Fusarium toxins in peanuts, sorghum and maize from Mysore (India).

Disinfested soil was quickly contaminated by certain pathogens ( Fusarium and Pythium spp.) and there was also a possibility of reinfection from the lower layer of soil not reached by the fumigant.

When the mice were fed a diet containing 5, 10, or 20 mg fusarenon-X/kg throughout the gestation period or in the early stages of gestation, the mycotoxin inhibited embryonal implantation.

(1966) Isolation and partial characterization of a toxin from  Fusarium tricinctum on moldy corn.
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  • AgroAtlas - Diseases - Fusarium oxysporum f

    Humans carry proteins needed for survival and are used for metabolization, fighting infections, and behavior factors.

  • Pea plants infected with Fusarium oxysporum

    The data indicate that crops parasitized by Fusarium species will probably be contaminated with these mycotoxins.

  • Evaluation of Fungicides for Control of Fusarium Wilt …

    (1984) Detection of T-2 toxin in Fusarium sporotrichioides-infected corn by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

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Evaluation of Fungicides for Control of Fusarium Wilt ..

The potential for the production of a number of trichothecenes among Fusarium species is well documented, and the toxicology of a few trichothecenes and the natural occurrence of some of these compounds in food is fairly well established.

against five isolates of Fusarium oxysporum f

There is no evidence from the published long-term toxicity studies in animals to indicate that T-2 toxin, fusarenon-X, and NIV are tumorigenic in animals.

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TRICHOTHECENES II.1 Properties and analytical methods II.1.1 Physical and chemical properties II.1.1.1 Physical properties II.1.1.2 Chemical properties II.1.2 Analytical methods for trichothecenes II.1.2.1 Chemical methods II.1.2.2 Immunological methods II.1.2.3 Biological methods II.2 Sources and occurrence II.2.1 Taxonomic considerations II.2.2 Ecology of trichothecene-producing fungi II.2.3 Natural occurrence II.2.3.1 Agricultural products II.2.3.2 Trichothecenes in human foodstuffs II.3 Metabolism II.3.1 Absorption and tissue distribution II.3.1.1 Animal studies II.3.2 Metabolic transformation II.3.3 Excretion II.3.3.1 Animal studies II.3.3.2 Excretion in eggs and milk II.4 Effects on animals II.4.1 Field observations II.4.2 Effects on experimental animals II.4.2.1 General toxic effects II.4.2.2 Haematological and haemostatic changes II.4.2.3 Disturbances of the central nervous system II.4.2.4 Dermal toxicity II.4.2.5 Impairment of immune response II.4.2.6 Carcinogenicity II.4.2.7 Mutagenicity II.4.2.8 Teratogenicity and reproductive effects II.4.3 Biochemical effects and mode of action II.4.3.1 Cytotoxicity II.4.3.2 Inhibition of protein synthesis II.4.3.3 Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis II.4.3.4 Alterations of cellular membranes II.4.3.5 Other biochemical effects II.4.4 Structure-activity relationships II.4.5 Prevention and therapy of trichothecene toxicosis II.5 Effects on man II.5.1 Contemporary episodes of human disease II.5.2 Historical Fusarium-related diseases II.5.3 Skin irritation II.5.4 Studies of haemostasis II.5.5 Airborne trichothecene-related diseases II.5.6 Toxicological information on man, obtained from therapeutic uses II.6 Evaluation of the human health risksIII.

Baraibai, Cerbera manghas Linn., SEA MANGO / …

spp., Verticillium spp., Fusarium spp., Pyrenochaeta spp. Plant nurseries: 35-50 50 7-14 do not fumigate heavy vegetables, soils to be used for flowers celery nurseries Vegetables: 35-50 75 75-100 7-14 for beta-alpha-type cucurbits, tomatoes, cucumbers, soil eggplants, peppers, leaching is obligatory onions, radishes Leafy vegetables: 35-50 75 75 7-21 celery, chicory, cabbage, lettuce, spinach Strawberries 35-50 75 75 7 (nursery and field) flowers: 35-50 75 75-100 7-14 even light soils must annual, be leached before perennial cut planting carnations flowers, ornamentals Table 11 (contd.) Crops Dosage in g/m2 b Aeration Remarks to control nematodes, to control damping- to control fungi (days)e annual and perennial off fungi, e.g.

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