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509. Criminal Justice Planning and Evaluation (3). A study of planning and evaluation as
applied in criminal justice agencies for program development, and the preparation of grant proposals.

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The required graduate courses in statistics, research methods and theory demand completion of prerequisite courses in these areas from the student's undergraduate work. Those who have not had such courses may be required to take the prerequisite course(s) prior to enrolling in the graduate course. Beyond the required courses, students must complete an additional 15 hours of academic work. This work should include the available MS in CJC electives (which include the three courses listed above, of which at least one must be taken), other graduate-level courses from other departments that have been approved by the student’s Thesis Committee or the Graduate Committee prior to enrollment, and other coursework from the CJC curriculum that has been approved by the Graduate Committee prior to enrollment. These hours may also include Thesis hours, or Directed Study hours per the Demonstration Project depending on the desires of the student. The content of the 15 hours of study will reflect the student’s choices after consultation with their Thesis advisor, and/or the Graduate Committee, as well as the student’s decision regarding the Thesis or the Demonstration Project option.

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501. Applied Data Analysis for Criminal Justice (3). Emphasis on the analysis of original and secondary criminal justice data.

The M.S. degree in CJC offers coursework that emphasizes policy analysis of criminal justice and criminology issues. The M.S.-CJC degree may serve as a terminal degree for those seeking appropriate study and academic credentials to qualify for management and administrative positions in justice-related agencies. The degree may also serve as preparation for advanced study in criminology and criminal justice at the doctoral level.

The MS degree in law and justice is designed to serve two distinct groups: (1) those in a law and justice field with professional experience and (2) those without professional experience who aspire to a law and justice career or doctoral work. The program offers two options, both of which are 60 credits. Of these 60 credits, 25 credits are in the core courses (5 mandatory courses) and another 30 are from seminar electives. Option A is geared towards the working professional; it entails taking 55 credits worth of courses plus a five credit capstone course where the final culminating experience is a written exam with an oral defense. This option is aimed at those who are already working in a law and justice career and are looking for advancement, or those who are looking for a career in criminal justice. Option B also includes 55 credits of courses but has a thesis or research project as the culminating experience. This option is primarily for those interested in continuing on and doing doctoral work.

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Research under faculty supervision in any area of interest to the student. Content may not relate to thesis or policy and practice project.

504. Comparative Criminal Justice (3). Comparative study of the administration, organization, objectives, and principal functions of the U.S. criminal justice systems with those in selected foreign countries.

Concerning students at the master's level, the department's mission is development of research skills and the expansion of conceptual and practical knowledge critical to fulfillment of leadership roles in criminal justice or in the social services. Master's degree students planning to proceed to PhD programs can expect from the department thorough training in the theories, methodologies, and empirical findings that promote understanding of deviance, crime, criminal justice, and social organization.

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This paper examines the use of plea bargaining in the United States’ criminal justice system. With only 10% of criminal cases being resolved through trial, bargaining is widely used as a means of obtaining quicker convictions. Since plea bargaining received constitutional recognition in Brady v. U.S. (1970), guidelines have been formed to regulate the use of pleas. These guidelines are included in the Federal Rules for Criminal Procedure, American Bar Association, and local court rules. Although plea bargaining has been well established in the United States’ criminal justice system, issues concerning its use still arise: these include victim participation, effectiveness, and ethics of negotiations. This paper will examine the issues and critiques of the process, while also discussing possible resolutions to such problems. Overall, a synopsis is provided of the use of plea bargaining as a means to resolve criminal cases.

Latvian-Canadian Cooperation in Criminal Justice Reform’ project ..

The ‘Mapping International Knowledge Transfer: Latvian-Canadian Cooperation in Criminal Justice Reform’ project provides insight and comparative analysis of the perceptions of Latvian participants on the role, development and delivery of specific training resources presented as part of the Latvia Legal Reform Project (LLRP). The LLRP was managed by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) and jointly funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Latvian Ministry of Justice from 2002-2004. Through an innovative, exploratory mixed methodology involving a multi-stage data collection process, concept mapping was used to gather evidence and capture experience and frame additional interviews among fourteen (14) research participants. This project considers the apparent dichotomy within the organizational change literature between sharing specific training tools and the development of individual capacity to pursue reform through local innovation. Building on past Canadian studies, this study contributes to emerging knowledge transfer scholarship and considers the potential of legal technical assistance projects to model democratic values. Participants identified the value of process related variables such as interactive training, study tours and project delivery, along with training tools related to supervision and assessment of Probation clients and overall system reform.

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The demonstration project will require the student to write an independent research paper that outlines solutions to a given scenario. The process is designed to reflect the academic peer-reviewed protocol and will involve two stages of blind review. Please see the and/or the graduate director for more detail regarding the Demonstration Project.

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