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An explanation in terms of computational complexity

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Lelyetal2011 | Syntax | Post Hoc Analysis

Although domain-specific perspectives of SLI, such as the CGC account, predict a pervasive deficit in grammatical components determined by structural complexity, they reject the influence of working memory. Working memory is critical for processing language because the building of syntactic and discourse structures requires relating linguistic units across a number of intervening words and syllables in a lengthy time span (; ; ).

09/12/2013 · Many children with specific language impairment ..

Syntactic deficits were not the only factors that affected comprehension of hierarchically complex structures. The CGC hypothesis () posits that only deficits in the computational grammatical system affect hierarchically complex structures and rejects the notion that working memory plays a role in comprehension of such structures. The increase in working memory demands in the present experiment significantly affected the comprehension accuracy for both groups. Working memory demands interfered with hierarchical structure assignment regardless of language status.

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computational grammatical complexity (CGC) hypothesis, specific language impairment (SLI), minimalist program (MP) NegP and the Particle Suo in …

In several studies, researchers have investigated the ability of children with SLI to comprehend and produce sentences with long-distance dependencies. Although there seems to be an agreement that children with SLI do have an overall difficulty with a variety of syntactic structures such as relative clauses (, ; : ) and wh-questions (; ; ), the overall source of these difficulties is not yet clear. Among the candidate deficits that might explain these difficulties are specific grammatical deficits (e.g., ; ; ) and working memory processing limitations (e.g., ; ; ). In the present study, we examined the HOD hypothesis and the effects of working memory demands on syntactic structural assignment of children with SLI and their chronologically matched controls.

One characteristic of specific language impairment (SLI) is a deficit in the comprehension and production of sentences, particularly those that involve long-distance relationships. Several proposals have focused on the computational grammatical complexity (CGC) hypothesis, which posits deficits in the computational grammatical system that effect hierarchically complex structures in one or more components (syntax, morphology, phonology) of language (; ; ; ; ).

PPT - SLI - Accounts PowerPoint Presentation - ID:3719416

for the CGC hypothesis that G-SLI children have a core deficit in the ..

Concentric: Studies in Linguistics.
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  • Read papers from the keyword SLI child* gramma* with Read by ..

    insight from grammatical-SLI.

  • (13 studies, 20 comparisons) to evaluate this hypothesis.

    Vol 42 Issue 5

  • Children with specific language impairment : the effect …

    ‘Wh-movement in children with grammatical SLI: A test of the RDDR hypothesis’, Language 79: 153-181 "SLI ..

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