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Thismodified version ofHick'spluralismisnamed"moderatepluralism.

Hick the Pluralistic Hypothesis | Religious Pluralism | Jesus

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Hick the Pluralistic Hypothesis

Despite the claim that the idea of religious pluralism is a product of modern philosophical schools, specifically new epistemological principles, I have attempted to demonstrate that what I have called "pluralistic religion," as a part of a necessary and substantial distinction that has to be drawn between this hypothesis and John Hick's classic theory of "religious pluralism," is strongly rooted in the principle of "ultimate truth and uniqueness of religion," which has one of its valid interpretations in Islamic epistemology.

compares Hick's pluralistic theology to a tale of three blind men attempting ..

Aftercareful critical consideration,the thesis concludes that Hick'spluralism cannotbecompatible withIslam,unless it ismodifiedfrom three angles: the total ineffabilityof theRealmustbereplaced with a"moderate ineffability" (hencemoderate pluralism), ahermeneuticalreading of the holy texts should replaceHick'smythical approach, andHick'sprimarily ethical soteriological criterion needs to beextended to include the ritualaspect of religion.

Hick’s pluralist hypothesis is both a modern and a ..

'My conclusion, then, is that the differences between the root concepts and experiences of the different religions, their different and often conflicting historical and trans-historical beliefs, their incommensurable mythologies, and the diverse and ramifying belief systems into which all these are built, are compatible with the pluralistic hypothesis that the great world traditions constitute different conceptions and perceptions of, and responses to, the Real from within the different cultural ways of being human.'

It is thus obvious that the new term, pluralistic religion, has been used to indicate the alternative theory to Hick's classic hypothesis which is commonly called religious pluralism.

Hicks Pluralistic Hypothesis and Problem of Conflicting TruthClaims

In this paper, I begin with John Hick's classic version of religious pluralism. According to Hick, one of the most prominent developers and defenders [End Page 94] of religious pluralism in the twentieth century, the theory of pluralism should be built on philosophical and epistemological principles rather than religious and theological tenets. The culmination of Hick's analysis in this paper refers to a new appraisal of his theory, within which I believe that four significant philosophical components have constituted Hick's epistemological structure of religious pluralism: two of them have been explicitly mentioned by him, and the others are in fact tacit, though crucial in his hypothesis. Kant's theory of epistemology, Wittgenstein's distinction between "seeing" and "seeing-as," Schleiermacher's principle of religious experience, and Gadamer's hermeneutical interpretation are these four elements. Also, in the paper, some critical points and objections to Hick's theory have been presented in brief.

It is perhaps worth noting that this view not only does not deny the strong and unavoidable exclusivist tendency of all religions, but also tries to justify and clarify the necessity of such a tendency. Obviously, in this epistemological structure, the term exclusivism has an implication, completely distinct from the common meaning of the term, which stands contrary to the term pluralism. I also believe that this hypothesis would provide the fundamental bases for "pluralism in truthfulness" as the essential outcome of the ultimate uniqueness of religion which manifests and reveals itself in various and diverse forms. Thus, based on such an interpretation, the true claim of exclusivism in religions is considered as a complementary element for religious puralism, which refers to the various manifestations and crystallizations of ultimate truth of religion.

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John Hick's Pluralist Hipothesis

I understand the pluralistic hypothesis to be on the one hand a defense of the religious mind, and on the other a way of dealing with religious pluralism.


Philosophers of religion know John Hick's pluralistic hypothesis for it's daring solution to conflict between religions. The basic idea: religion is based on spiritual experiences - but even in the best of us those experiences are experienced through the lens of our conditionings.

These points are important to Hick's pluralistic hypothesis

'I want to explore the pluralistic hypothesis that the great world faiths embody different perceptions and conceptions of, and correspondingly different responses to, the Real from within the major variant ways of being human; and that within each of them the transformation of human existence from self-centredness to Reality-centredness is taking place.'

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