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Since I joined this group, my English language has been improooooved.

I’m not good at English speaking but this program attracting me to get my goal.

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thanks for all you doing to improving our english language

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Hi my teachers I’m so happy this program will improve my English thank you for every thing Eman

I am really glad and thankful to you for making me understand the best method to learn English. Now I can understad 80% and I´m very happy with your program.
God bless you.
jose amador

Master Thesis In English Grammar

thanks for trying to help me with english language, hope you all success.

Until now, i can really join your program because i have money, and i am really sorry about that. But i extremely happy to see your sending email in my inbox, all of you are smart, witty, and make me happy to learn English.

it is a good method to learn real English techniques by repetition to read, listen and written practice so many time that will help my brain to remember grammar,vocabulary and sentences so that advanced in English speak like a native speaker, also I will join the new conversation club open in September if have a way to find in future. thank u very much indeed for repetition Techniques Video and I love it a lot and listen it repeat and repeat again without boring to enough it!

English correction of master's theses - Proof-Reading …

Frankly speaking that “Learn Real English”it’s very helpful for me,so that why I try to follow this program eventhough I just have a few time.

I have really been interested to learn English from you and have newly started to learn real English conversation. I do my utmost effort to understand and learn as much as I can. this is a good and easy method of learning a language out of the native English speakers country . I hope I could do it very well.

I would like to say thanks to you always sending me the wonderful ways of how to learn English fluently. It’s useful to me to improve English language. I learned a lot from you everyday.

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us! Your tips and advices provide an efficient way to learn the English language…
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Hi Sir
Thank you so much I’m Sharmila from Sri Lanka. Now I’m improving my English knowlage day bt day by listening to your good teachings. I thought that English tIs a very difficult language but when I came to know about his lessons I knew that I was wrong.
Thank you very much Sir your doing a gret job for the people who ar finding difficult o talk good English.
God bless you

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January 3rh 2013. Your way of speaking and explaining
is helping me a lot in my work. Your ideas are really
adaptable and can help a lot. By the way I am a teacher of English and follow your comments, remarks and advice very closely and in many cases I use them in my classroom
Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

Thesis On Teaching English Grammar - 592111 - Efnic

You really are right, when you say repetition is the best way to learn English you know? Practice makes perfect. Thanks again you are my best teachers. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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When I listen your “real English” lessons,it seems to me that learning how to speak in English automatically, effectively and correctly is so easy… may be I should really try your method although I don’t have enough time to do it. I just love the English language and for me understand/speak english in a real conversation would be a real gift!

Master Thesis In English Language Teaching

Hi my teachers
I am very happy when I hear more and more of yours listens and advises
All these give me more confidance that I can learn English language fastly and easily
Thanks for every thing , please I need more rules and list of commone Pharisis used in English langouge .
Thanks again and I won’t to keep yours team as my friends.
Yours fathifully
Ayad hameed

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