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Origin of life research tends to fall into either of two camps

The RNA World and other origin-of-life theories. by Brig …

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Origin of Life Theories: Metabolism-first vs

Freeman Dyson's report suggesting that intelligentlife elsewhere in the universe may be detected bylooking for sources of infrared radiation wasdelightful.

12/02/2007 · Origin of life research tends to fall into either of two camps

131,1960, page 1667] as to how intelligent beings mightsurvive after reaching "the limits set by Malthusianprinciples" does not do justice to the intelligenceof these beings by explaining how they would overcomesome of the obstacles which, at first sight, wouldseem to militate against their curious way of life.

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They first posed the following question:The work of Davis and the findings concerning pK values suggested that the ideal state for intermediary metabolism is the state of neutrality because maximal ionisation with consequent intracellular trapping of metabolic intermediates occurs at this pH. If theoretically it is clear that the ideal ICF pH should be the pH of neutrality (pN)see , then the next step is to ask the question:According to Rahn, measurements confirmed that the mean intracellular pH of man is 6.8 at 37°C which is indeed the pH of neutrality (pN) at that temperature! Before going further we need to understand:

There is another scientific explanation for the origin of life on Earth. It is that whole cells arrived here from space. (Life "in the first place" is a separate issue, dealt with elsewhere on this website.)

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But other researchers see evidence for prokaryotic cells in the first 100 million years, maybe even immediately. "...Actual cells have been found in the earth's oldest unmetamorphosed sediments...," says Gould in . Bada says that cyanobacteria may have emerged only ten million years after the first precellular life . In November, 1996, S. J. Mojzsis of the Scripps institution of Oceanography and others reported isotopic evidence that cellular metabolism was under way before 3.8 billion years ago . Even before the research by Mojzsis , Francis Crick was worried by the time problem. "...The real fossil record suggests that our present form of protein based life was already in existence 3.6 billion years ago.... This leaves an astonishingly short time to get life started" . Another researcher, Yale biochemist Peter B. Moore, says this about the time problem :

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