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Photolysis is part of the of .The general reaction of photosynthetic photolysis can be givenas:

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The free energy change (ΔG) for this reaction is 102kilocalories per mole. Since the energy of light at 700 nm is about40 kilocalories per mole of photons, approximately 320 kilocaloriesof light energy are available for the reaction. Therefore,approximately one-third of the available light energy is capturedas NADPH during photolysis and electron transfer. An equal amountof ATP is generated by the resulting proton gradient. Oxygen as abyproduct is of no further use to the reaction and thus releasedinto the atmosphere.

photosynthesis) use up energy//H+ from photolysis remain in thylakoid space

In addition to producing NADPH, the light dependent reactions also produce oxygen as a waste product. When the special chlorophyll molecule at the reaction centre passes on the electrons to the chain of electron carriers, it becomes positively charged. With the aid of an enzyme at the reaction centre, water molecules within the thylakoid space are split. Oxygen and H+ ions are formed as a result and the electrons from the splitting of these water molecules are given to chlorophyll. The oxygen is then excreted as a waste product. This splitting of water molecules is called photolysis as it only occurs in the presence of light.

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ATP and hydrogen derived from photolysis of water are used to fix carbon dioxide to make organic molecules.

Photolysis of water occurs in PS II, and it involves the dissociation of two water molecules to oxygen, protons and electrons by utilizing the energy from photons.

In the light-dependent series of reactions, the energy-containing molecules ATP and NADPH are generated to drive the light-independent reactions (Calvin cycle).During the light reactions, water is split (photolysis) generating electrons, hydrogen ions (protons) and diatomic oxygen gas.

Photolysis is required for photosynthesis because it does what

There are many enzymes working in photosynthetic reactions – such as the enzyme in photolysis.

Light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll and is used to regenerate adenosine tri-phosphate or and split water. This is called the photolysis of water. Photolysis of water results in the release of oxygen, as a by-product, and the release of hydrogen. The hydrogen released from the water molecule is transferred to the hydrogen acceptor. NADP becomes reduced to form NADPH2.

Photodissociation, photolysis,or photodecomposition is a in which a is broken down by. It is defined as theinteraction of one or more photons with one target molecule.

This electron loss is repaid from electrons taken from water during the process of photolysis
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  • Water Photolysis in Biology - ResearchGate

    Photolysis definition, the chemical decomposition of materials under the influence of light. See more.

  • This procedure is called the photolysis of water

    For example, the photolysis of water molecule in photosynthesis occurred under the influence of light

  • Chemistry for Biologists: Photosynthesis

    16/06/2008 · Best Answer: Photolysis is a part of the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis

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2H 2 O 4H + + O 2 + 4e-(photolysis)

These protons, as well as additional protons pumped across thethylakoid membrane coupled with the electron transfer chain, form a across the membrane thatdrives and thus thegeneration of chemical energy in the form of (ATP).The electrons reach the reaction center of where they are energizedagain by light. They are passed down another electron transferchain and finally combine with the NADP+and protons outside the thylakoids to . Thus, the netoxidation reaction of water photolysis can be written as:

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Photolysis during photosynthesis occurs in a series oflight-driven oxidation events. The energized electron (exciton) ofP680 is captured by a primary electron acceptor of thephotosynthetic and thus exits photosystem II. In order torepeat the reaction, the electron in the reaction center needs tobe replenished. This occurs by oxidation of water in the case ofoxygenic photosynthesis. The electron-deficient reaction center ofphotosystem II (P680*) is the strongest biological oxidizing agentyet discovered, which allows it to break apart molecules as stableas water.

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The chemical nature of "A" depends on the type of organism. In, (H2S) is oxidized to sulfur (S). In oxygenicphotosynthesis, water (H2O) serves as a substrate forphotolysis resulting in the generation of free oxygen(O2). This is the process which returns oxygen toearth's atmosphere. Photolysis of water occurs in the of and the of and .

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Photolysis also occurs in the atmosphere as part of a series ofreactions by which primary such as and react to form secondarypollutants such as . See .

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