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Mar 12, 2015 · PSII-LHCII supercomplex organizations in photosynthetic membrane by coarse-grained simulation

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Chemistry for Biologists: Photosynthesis

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why 12 molecules of water as substrate are used in the equation of photosynthesis??

This reduction requires a steady supply of electrons and protons (reducing equivalents) These reducing equivalents are provided by a second photosystem which oxidizes water to molecular oxygen. Photosystem II uses the energy from a second photon to reduce plastoquinone QH2.

The Z-Scheme Diagram of Photosynthesis

Advanced underwater fluorometer offering saturation pulse analysis of photosynthesis in situ. First PAM system permitting spectral analysis of light as well as of sample reflectance and fluorescence.

Oxygenic photosynthesis occurs in, among others, eukaryotic microorganisms like algae and in bacteria such as cyanobacteria; the same mechanism is at work in both. Electron flow happens through two different electron transport chains that are connected; together, these electron transport chains are called the . The stars of each chain are photosystem I (PSI) and photosystem II (PSII), each containing chlorophyll reaction centers surrounded by antenna pigments.

Electron Transfer Pathway from Water to NADP in photosynthesis

In the perennial herbaceous wintergreen plant (bugle), the photosynthetic apparatus (PSA) is reorganised during winter. The aim of this work was to examine the structural changes in the pigment–protein complexes of PSA. Changes in aggregation of the thylakoid protein complexes were observed including a restructuring of the PSI–PSII megacomplex and the PSII–LHCII supercomplex parallel to changes in the zeaxanthin-dependent protective mechanism.

Leaf carbon isotope composition (δ13C) has been used to screen for water-use efficiency in C3 plants, but gaps in the understanding of factors influencing δ13C have limited its application in C4 species. This study exploited maize genetic diversity to explore biochemical and post-photosynthetic factors that may influence δ13C. Our findings indicate that the observed variation in leaf carbon isotope composition across diverse maize lines is likely driven by differences in stomatal and mesophyll conductance and not photosynthetic or respiratory metabolism.

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