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"Our mission is to produce engineers and researchers with sound knowledge on fundamentals of traditional, modern and emerging areas of engineering together with innovative design abilities, IT and managerial skills, which are essential to achieve sustainable national development."

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“As a lab owner the SunScanM ensures a consistent quality is delivered each time. With push of a button communication and cloud storage, keeping orders organized and available for status checks is just a click away!”

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As dental technicians ourselves, we know what it’s like to run a lab. It’s vitally important that each restoration or appliance created for your dentist and his or her patient are high quality and arrive on time. We believe a partnership between our companies can help you do just that.

Our lab partners tell us that utilizing our digital solutions makes them more competitive in their marketplace, saves time and money on manual labor, and gives them the opportunity to offer new services that help them grow their business. Are you ready to join the digital evolution?

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Artificial hips have, of course, given extra mobility to thousands of patients, as well as providing freedom from pain. However, different combinations of materials can be used to manufacture the prosthesis. Metal-on-metal implants were introduced in the 1990s, as they seemed to offer better mobility, especially for younger patients, who were likely to put more pressure on the joint.

It has transpired that the performance of this class of prosthesis is unpredictable and after working well they may suffer a ‘catastrophic breakdown’ with release of debris from the bearing surface that can enter the bloodstream or surrounding soft-tissue. The Cobalt-Chrome, articulating against itself, could then lead to toxic levels of metal causing tissue necrosis and putting patients at risk.

In our complex laboratory we can produce almost all types of dental prosthesis of the best quality.
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    A person's prosthesis should be designed and assembled according to the patient's appearance and functional needs

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Breast prosthesis subsidy | Ministry of Health NZ

Our dental laboratory technicians are vital components of our oral health care team. The skill and knowledge they have represents the best in the field of dentistry. If you are having a restoration on an implant or a tooth; if you are receiving crowns (caps), bridges, inlays, onlays, partial or complete dentures (plates), or nightguards, you have been helped by these valuable individuals who are dedicated to restoring the beauty and function of your mouth.

Glidewell Dental Laboratory Services and Dental Lab …

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PROFESSION: A Denturist provides oral health examinations, takes impressions of oral tissues, and constructs removable oral prosthesis (dentures and partial dentures). The denturist’s scope of practice is governed by the Arizona Dental Practice Act.

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Concerns over the toxicity of cobalt-chrome ‘metal on metal’ artificial hips have led to more than 50,000 British patients being told to have blood tests and X rays.

Robotic Leg Control with EMG Decoding in an Amputee …

These implants are now being phased out after NHS guidelines introduced in 2013 said that hip replacements with failure rates greater than five per cent should not be used. Women are thought to be particularly at risk because of the size of components used.

Evaluation of Robotic Prosthesis Control during Ambulation

Revision surgery may be required in some cases and testing is underway to look at the extent of the problem. This means regular assessment of a large number of blood samples with a real need for precision and reliability. Many of the blood samples obtained from patients will be digested in a Discover SP-D automated microwave digestion system from CEM, prior to analysis. This is the world's only fully automated sequential microwave acid digestion system producing a clear aqueous digest suitable for elemental analysis by ICP, ICP-MS, or AA.

Dental Laboratory India - Laxmi Dental Export Pvt Ltd

Plus, as each vessel can have its own method, samples can be ‘mixed and matched’ within the automation rack, giving great flexibility. The combination of acid and microwave irradiation focusing on a small cavity has reduced digestion time to just 10 minutes. ‘Snap-on’ vessel caps and attendance-free operation also makes the Discover SP-D very easy to use and suitable for rush analysis.

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