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One thing we all noticed is that many Reedies, past and present, reacted to the controversy as true Reedies should—with vigorous debate about the character and values of the college. As members of the Young Alumni Working Group, we cherish that attitude—that inclination towards fierce debate—and believe that supporting Reed only strengthens our ability to have discussions like this.

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Early work in the relationship between managerial style and stress was carried out by Lewin (for example, in Lewin, Lippitt and White 1939), in which he documented the stressful and unproductive effects of authoritarian management styles. More recently, Karasek’s (1979) work highlights the importance of managers’ providing workers with greater control at work or a more participative management style. In a six-year prospective study he demonstrated that job control (i.e., the freedom to use one’s intellectual discretion) and work schedule freedom were significant predictors of risk of coronary heart disease. Restriction of opportunity for participation and autonomy results in increased depression, exhaustion, illness rates and pill consumption. Feelings of being unable to make changes concerning a job and lack of consultation are commonly reported stressors among blue-collar workers in the steel industry (Kelly and Cooper 1981), oil and gas workers on rigs and platforms in the North Sea (Sutherland and Cooper 1986) and many other blue-collar workers (Cooper and Smith 1985). On the other hand, as Gowler and Legge (1975) indicate, a participatory management style can create its own potentially stressful situations, for example, a mismatch of formal and actual power, resentment of the erosion of formal power, conflicting pressures both to be participative and to meet high production standards, and subordinates’ refusal to participate.

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The graduation date for each semester can be obtained from the Statler College Office of Student Services. It is the student's responsibility to see that all deadlines are met. Failure to meet the specified deadlines may result in delay of graduation to the following semester.

Following the controversy, some students and alumni expressed opposition to supporting the college and the Annual Fund. As young alumni members of AFR (Alumni Fundraising for Reed), we want to address the issue head on.

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At the end of the day, our support of Reed is not about any one moment in time, any one person at the college, or any one action; it encompasses a broader relationship with the college and its purpose. As we work together to overcome this particular moment of contention, we hope you, like us, continue to Love Reed.

To be sure, we work closely with the Reed development office to raise money for the college. And we, as a group, have not taken a formal stance on the matter. But we are united in this: that we love the dialogue that has ensued, and that we will continue to do all we can to keep the spirit of critical debate alive. We truly believe that pulling away from the college will not accomplish this goal. We’ll continue supporting students and faculty, and continue asking young alumni to do the same, so that Reed continues to be the kind of place where students and administrators can get together and debate college policy.

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A multi-item approach is usually adopted, perhaps covering a range of different facets. For instance, several job satisfaction questionnaires ask about a person’s satisfaction with facets of the following kinds: the physical work conditions; the freedom to choose your own method of working; your fellow workers; the recognition you get for good work; your immediate boss; the amount of responsibility you are given; your rate of pay; your opportunity to use your abilities; relations between managers and workers; your workload; your chance of promotion; the equipment you use; the way your firm is managed; your hours of work; the amount of variety in your job; and your job security. An average satisfaction score may be calculated across all the items, responses to each item being scored from 1 to 5, for instance (see the preceding paragraph). Alternatively, separate values can be computed for “intrinsic satisfaction” items (those dealing with the content of the work itself) and “extrinsic satisfaction” items (those referring to the context of the work, such as colleagues and working conditions).

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That, plus pursuing some TV projects (about which I hope to be able to say more next time), means not a lot of fiction writing got done this year, and so I apologize that there will be no new RJS novel in 2017.But if you’re looking for a new writer to fill the void, these debut novels greatly impressed me in 2016: by Winnipeg’s Gerald Brandt (published by DAW), by Montreal’s Sylvain Neuvel (published by Del Rey), and by Kansas writer Marguerite Reed (published by Arche Press).If you like short stories, the new collection (Arc Manor) gathers together the wonderful collaborations between Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn.And my great friend Robert Charles Wilson‘s new novel just came out in hardcover from Tor; that’ll be my own vacation reading.I hope you have fabulous holidays!

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Vera Reed Accounting Scholarship
The Vera Reed Accounting Scholarship was established in 2008 for the purpose of providing a tuition scholarship to a student majoring in Accounting in the Mitchell College of Business. Applicants must have completed their sophomore year and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA.

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