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I need a total shoulder replacement. Is it normal to have pain in your upper arm (bicep)?? Judi

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Reverse Shoulder Replacement - Shoulder Surgery

The Boston Shoulder Institute is based at the Massachusetts General Hospital. We specialize in management of all problems affecting the shoulder and have a particular emphasis on management of failed treatments, arthroscopic reconstruction, joint replacement for arthritis, and more. Read our , , or to learn more.

Would never do it again. Pain and suffering 1000 worst after shoulder replacement. Dono do it

Very informative. I only heard about a reverse replacement the other day. The individual couldn’t explain well enough for me to understand. Now I do. I am glad that I am a good candidate for a straight total replacement as my rotator cuff is in good shape. Only thing is that I was under the impression that I would be ready for tennis in 3 to 4 months (it is my non-dominant shoulder). It sounds like I am too optimistic. I am healthy and serious about rehab though and am hopeful that I can break the curve a little.

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Great Great article…the clearest and comprehensive I’ve seen. Ki am getting shoulder replacement Feruary of 2012… mine is because of a trauma to the shoulder 3 years ago.
I am an ex teaching tennis professional and would love to continue to teach part time.. any tennis players out there still playing after TSR??.

I had a partial shoulder replacement done 3/5/12. The morning after my elbow was extremely sore. Now I have been in therapy for 3 mos. and the shoulder seems to be doing very well. However, the elbow is still causing a lot of trouble. When the therapist try to bend my elbow toward my head with my arm at 90 degrees from my body, I about come of the table. It has gotten a little better over the 3 mos. but it still is a problem. Does this happen with shoulder surgeries, or what might it be?

Reverse Shoulder Replacement - Orthosports

Your site has been such a help to me both before and after surgery. I am 46 and have rheumatoid arthritis resulting in the need for a full shoulder replacement. This was carried out on the 4th July 2012 by Mr Hartley at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Dorset. Sadly it was changed to a partial replacement as my shoulder was so weak that it started to fracture. However, i have very little pain or discomfort and would recommend the operation to anyone who might be unsure. Would just like to know whether I can do a few things around the house with my good arm without risking damage to my other arm, and if so what. My husband wants me to rest but i’m going stir crazy!!

I’m 47 and the shoulder surgeon says I need a reverse replacement due to a torn rotator cuff that didn’t heal and severe arthritis. I am scared that this prosthesis will not last very long, they seem to give it about 8-10 years. I am really young to need this. I can’t get a second opinion because the dr.s say no when they find out I had a previous surgery. 1 1/2 yrs. ago I was opened up and found to have a massive infection, so they debrided it, sewed the supraspinatus and closed it, not really the surgery that was intended.
Anyone have thoughts as to where I go or what I could do? I’m in a corner, and this appears to be the only thing to do.

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    How long must you be off work if you have a “desk job: after shoulder replacement surgery

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    Our expert shoulder surgeons answer frequently asked questions about reverse total shoulder replacement surgery.

  • Problems Unique To the Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

    There are some problems that are unique to the reverse total shoulder replacement

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Hello, I had a total shoulder replacement 9 weeks ago. I am visiting the physio twice weekly and doing the prescribed exercises 3 times a day. I still can’t lift my arm up more than about 45 degrees. Is that normal? I’m starting to get worried.

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I would just like t get some straight answers. I had a reverse shoulder replacement last year. Now, the doctor wants to do the other one. I am in a lot of pain and doctors in Florida are refusing to prescribe Hydrocodone now. My questions are: What will happen if I refuse the surgery? Will the pain get worse? Will I lose the use of my arm? My doctors won’t give me a definitive answer, which I understand, but can someone, who has gone through this tell me what to expect? Thanks

30.05.2017 · Tennis after shoulder replacement

Dear madam/ sir.
I am a 80 years old with diabetes, high blood pressure , under active thyroid, all controlled with madications.
My surgeon wants me to get a Reverse Shoulder Replacement in three days but I have a cold for seven days, thanks to your information I will postpone the surgery for two weeks.
Do I need this surgery? I need help with my left arm to lift my right arm, have some range motion limitation, some pain when I try to use the arm. The MRI among some other imperfection shows “Large full thickness tear of the distal supraspinatus tendon measures 4 cm medial
to lateral cm anterior to posterior”.
I have been active al my life, presently I do exercises for adults Yoga, Ty chee, stretching , and water exercise five days a week. I consider myself for my age , better than de average.
Thank you for your help. Geo.

Comprehensive® Reverse Shoulder Replacement

I had a total shoulder replacement in July. Now, 6 months later my shoulder is in pain and has a burning sensation. I am told that it is highly likely that I have an infection. I have to have a procedure done where fluid is pulled out of the area for testing. Then I will have to have the prothesis removed for several weeks as antibiotics are inserted then an other surgery to put it back in. The first surgery was difficult and I am devestated. Isn’t there another way to treat the infection? I don’t have the energy to go through 2 more surgeries. What can cause an infection?


Thank you for such a clear and easily understood description of shoulder replacement surgery, before and after. Much appreciated as I am contemplating the procedure. Wonderful site.

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