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S66(321) has been recommended for the determination of 1-butanol.

At a concentration of 20 mg/litre, butanol gives a strong unpleasant odour to drinking-water.

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The toxicity of 2-butanol for aquatic invertebrates is equally low.

(1982) were unable to demonstrate increased conversion of tert-butanol to acetone in animals in which the hepatic mixed-function oxidase activity had been induced by prior phenobarbital treatment.

2-Butanol occurs naturally as a product of fermentation of carbohydrates.

The rat oral LD50 for 1-butanol ranges from 0.7 to 2.1 g/kg body weight; it is, therefore, slightly toxic according to the classification of Hodge & Sterner.

The toxicity of 2-butanol for both protozoa and bacteria is very low.

In man, the most likely acute effect of 2-butanol is alcoholic intoxication.

(1981) that 2-butanol, at concentrations similar to those achieved in the blood of rats in the above experiment, significantly inhibited N-dealkylation of aminopyrine by rat liver microsomes in vitro .

It is likely that 2-butanol, like ethanol (Mezey, 1976), inhibits oxidative pathways of drug metabolism and thus inhibits the hydroxylation step leading to 3-hydroxy-2-butanone.

(1982) The in vivo metabolism of tertiary butanol by adult rat.

Following treatment with tert-butanol, 24% of the dose was detected as the glucuronide conjugate in the urine of rabbits (Kamil et al., 1953) and increased acetone excretion has been observed in the breath and urine of rats treated with tert-butanol (Baker et al., 1982; Yojay et al., 1982).

ENVIRONMENTAL LEVELS AND HUMAN EXPOSURE An industrial emmission study indicated that 207 tonnes of tert-butanol were released into the air in the Netherlands over a period of 1 year (Anon, 1983).

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    At 1.2 mg/m3, 1-butanol changed the light sensitivity of the dark-adapted eye and the electrical activity in the brain.

  • Butanols - four isomers (EHC 65, 1987) - INCHEM

    Physical and Chemical Properties Physical and chemical properties of 2-butanol are given in Table 1.

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    2-Butanol is used for the extraction of fish meal to produce fish protein concentrate.

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A group of rats given a 1 mol/litre solution of isobutanol as their sole drinking liquid for 4 months did not show any adverse effects in the liver; another group given a 2 mol/litre solution as their sole drinking liquid for 2 months showed a reduction in fat, glycogen, and RNA content, and in the overall size of the cells in the liver.

Methyl ethyl ketone (EHC 143, 1992) - IPCS INCHEM

Seitz (1972) reported 7 case histories, occurring between 1965 and 1971, of workers who had been exposed to 1-butanol and isobutanol in a non-ventilated photographic laboratory.

Methyl ethyl ketone (EHC 143, 1992) - INCHEM

Summary of tumours in experimental animalsa-------------------------------------------------------------------Agent Application Number Average Malignant Benign (twice weekly) of survival tumour tumour animals (days)-------------------------------------------------------------------Control oral: 1 ml/kg 25 643 0 3(0.9% NaCl) body weightsolution) subcutaneous: 25 643 0 2 1 ml/kg body weightIsobutanol oral: 0.2 ml/kg 19 495 3b 9 body weight subcutaneous: 24 544 8c 3 0.05 ml/kg body weight-------------------------------------------------------------------a Adapted from: Gibel et al.


(1969) who demonstrated an increased rate of reverse mutation when Escherichia coli CA 274 was treated with 0.7% isobutanol, without metabolic activation.

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1734 ppm), trichloroethylene years cases of polyneuropathy, environment limited Gronqvist mainly < 161 mg/m3 (< 30 ppm); slight loss of sensitivity to post exposure (1978) at low levels butanol, butyl acetate, butyl to vibration correlated diglycol, cyclohexanol, diacetal, ethyl with level of solvent ex- glycol acetate, ethanol, isoforone, posure during preceding methylene chloride, MIBK, toluene, 6 months xylene, "solvesso 100 and 150"a MEK 0-74 mg/m3 (avg, 3 mg/m3) (0-25 1006b average overall death rate below none Wen et al.

The Science behind Squalene. Science for Life.

(1954) reported 100% survival of rats exposed for 2 h to saturated isobutanol vapour (approximately 49 248 mg/m3 or 16 000 ppm) in air, but observed 2 deaths in a group of 6 rats when they were exposed for 4 h to a concentration of 24 624 mg/m3 (8000 ppm) in air.

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