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Synthesis of 2-(6-methoxybenzothiazol-2-ylimino)methyl)-4-nitrophenol

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Manske, R. H. F. 2003. m-Nitrophenol. Organic Syntheses. 80.

As is known, para-nitrophenol and its halogen-substi- 1H, J 8.7 Hz, 6-H), 7.91 (dd, 1H, J 8.7 and 2.1 Hz, 5-H), 8.05 tuted derivatives exhibit antifungal properties; the maximum (d, 1 H, J 2.1 Hz, 3-H).

Nitrophenol derivatives are used as intermediates for the synthesis of a number of target products.

the chlorine absorption monitored by weight [2], or by chlo- Since p-nitrophenol and its derivatives are used as rinating a 4-nitrophenol emulsion in a dilute hydrochloric semiproducts for the s3mthesis of some substances used in

The pure p-nitrophenol crystallizes from the ..

This spectrum is fully identical to that activity was reported for 2-chloro-4-nitrophenol (I) [1].

Specially, the synthesis of PAP through a single-step catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene in acidic medium is regarded as a promising route owing to its advantages, such as simplicity of operator and low cost.

chlorine is not employed: under small-scale production con- To date, compound I has been obtained either by chlori- ditions, dosing a liquid oxidizer is a simpler task than the nating 4-nitrophenol with free chlorine in acetic acid, with rated supply of gaseous chlorine.

Synthesis of 2-methyl-4-nitrophenol from benzene

Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), and Pd(II) complexes of the Schiff base 2-(6-methoxybenzothiazol-2-ylimino)methyl)-4-nitrophenol coordinated to the metal ions via the imine nitrogen and phenol oxygen atoms respectively. The electronic spectra measurement was corroborative of a 4-coordinate tetrahedral/square planar geometry for the complexes. The complexes exhibited good in-vitro antibacterial activities against S. aureus, E. coli and P. mirablilis , while Pd(II) and Zn(II) complexes had broad spectrum anti-bacteria activity against all the bacteria used with the exception of B. subtilis proving their potentials as broad-spectrum antibacterial agents.

Percentage manganese, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc and palladium in the complexes were determined titrimetrically [].
Infrared spectra were measured in deuterated dimethyl sulfoxide solvent on a Shimadzu FTIR-8400 spectrophotometer while
electronic spectra in chloroform were recorded on Unicam Helios -γ spectrophotometer, and melting points (uncorrected) were done
using a Stuart scientific melting point apparatus smp3.

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Sciencemadness Discussion Board - P-Nitrophenol - …

some end products derived from mononitrophenols include dyes and pigments, acetaminophen (from p-aminophenol), carbofuran, phosalon (insecticides form o-nitrophenol), parathion,parathion-methyl, fluorodifen (insecticides form p-nitrophenol), nitrofen, bifenox (herbicides form p-nitrophenol), fungicides, and rubber chemicals.

Synthesis of p-nitrophenyl 2-O-α-D-mannopyranosyl-α …

Therefore, we are reporting the synthesis and characterization of metal (II) complexes of the Schiff base, of 2-(6-methoxybenzothiazol-2-ylimino)methyl)-4-nitrophenol for the first time as a continuation of the research activities of our group [-].The aims of this study is to investigation the physicochemical properties of these metal complexes as well as their potency as in-vitro antibacterial agents

Yes the boiling point of Ortho nitrophenol is ..

the chlorine absorption monitored by weight [2], or by chlo- Since p-nitrophenol and its derivatives are used as rinating a 4-nitrophenol emulsion in a dilute hydrochloric semiproducts for the s3mthesis of some substances used in ">

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