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21/06/2016 · How to Write a Personal Essay

IMAGE: This is the 3-D-reconstruction of a head of a Death's head hawk moth based on computer tomograph data. The white arrows mark the movements of the muscles when air is...

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The Death’s head Hawk-moth is the bad boy of the moth world. Strikingly large, with a skull-like marking on its thorax and the ability to squeak when alarmed, the moth was traditionally seen as an omen of death.

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The Death’s head hawk-moth was even rumoured to be a tormentor of the notoriously unstable King George III who was thrown into one of his infamous bouts of ‘madness’ when two large moths were discovered in his bedroom in his residence in Kew, London in 1801.

The Death’s head hawk-moth is rare; only a handful make it over from the Continent each autumn, but despite this scarcity, its sinister reputation has haunted our literature, art and folklore for generations. It appears as a prophecy of doom in Thomas Hardy’s The Return of the Native; its presence as an ill-advised love token in William Holman Hunt’s 1851 painting The Hireling Shepherd hints of impending trouble between the young couple at the centre of the picture.

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  • 21.06.2016 · How to Write a Personal Essay

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