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Term Essays: Thesis Claim Lead In Data Warrant with

For each one that does:circle the claim, draw a line under the evidence, and draw a squiggly line beside the warrant.

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401 Prompts for Argumentative Writing - The New York Times

Because schools are working hard to provide healthy lunches for children, they shouldn't be blamed for the rise in obesity among American youth.

From a student's paper:
Read over the three articles you've read for class
For each one, generate a list of claims the source offers evidence for (three claims for each one)
Share your ideas in small groups
Decide on one you want to write a paragraph for and write the paragraph

Peer Response
Body paragraphs do many things, such as:
Provide useful background information
Define terms and concepts
Provide supporting evidence
Bolster your authority by quoting credible sources
Take an opposing viewpoint into consideration

When you're writing a paragraph that offers support for your main idea, you want to make sure your paragraph contains a claim, evidence, and warrant.

1) Write a question you want answered
2) Swap papers and silent read
3) Answer the question
4) Point out places you got confused
5) Work on the conclusion paragraph together

~Find (or write) a main claim you think the conclusion paragraph reaches
~Identify support (make sure it's good support)
~The support should come through
A) Referencing the ideas of the source the paper focuses on
B) Quoting, paraphrasing, and/or summarizing another source
~Help develop the warrant

6) Think of the claim you reached in your conclusion as your thesis.

Contemporary Skepticism | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

What does matter is that when you make claims you make sure you
back them up with evidence.
You also need to remember that
you know why that evidence matters, but your reader won't unless you tell them.
Claims, evidence, and warrants don't necessarily happen in that exact order.

Introduction to the current discussion of skepticism.

Thesis claim warrant

Add two sentences to your explanation of the evidence that helps you to develop your warrant.

Write "warrant" next to it.

4) Circle all the words from the claim that appear in the warrant.

Anytime you want them to know something or agree with you on an idea, you have do work (in the form of evidence and a warrant) to get them to agree with you.
Pull out the paper you've been working on
1) Read it over, looking for a paragraph that provides an important supporting claim.

Paul Helm has recently offered criticism of certain aspects of K

Stephen Toulmin identified six elements of an argument: the claim, grounds, warrant, backing, qualifier and rebuttal.

Writers tend to think it is obvious how evidence supports their claim because they've spent so much time forming their argument.
To the reader, however, nothing is obvious.
Let's Practice!
Evidence is the data that supports your claim

For you guys, your evidence will be the texts you cite: the quotes and paraphrases you include

So use textual evidence (quotes/paraphrases) to support your claim
In our everyday life, we encounter "silent" claims/warrants.

How does it support your claim?

So a warrant/bridge is where you tell your reader how you see the evidence supporting your claim.

As the writer of you paper, you've spent a great deal of time considering the topic you are writing about.

View Discussion Question Unit 4 from ENGL 111 at Central Piedmont Community College. Share your revised thesis statement and identify the claim and warrant …
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