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Forest Theatre Daylighting Project

The thesis presents methods for both general and detailed evaluation of daylighting performance.

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Badger Daylighting Short Thesis From Marc Cohodes

As Hong Kong is one of the cities with very high building density, its regulatory control of daylighting in buildings is of great value to other urbanized areas.

It provides a realistic measure of the true daylighting performance of a window.

While in Aalto's case, the architect's interest in daylighting initiated with an investigation of functional illumination, and in Kahn's case, began with an investigation of spatial characterization, the interest of each matured toward the pursuit of a compound daylighting program dependent upon both the techniques of chiaroscuro for the emphasis of texture and mass and of silhouetting for the emphasis of profile and spatial layering.

Turn Out the Badger Daylight – Badger Daylighting …

It uses the vertical daylight factor at the centre of the window pane as the assessment parameter.

To date, climate-based daylight modeling has relied on ray tracing methods, specifically Radiance and its derivatives. There is nothing wrong with this, other than that it has possibly hindered research into alternative approaches.

It also provides three-dimensional rendered views (e.g., FIG. 7) and animations of single days and the entire year. This enables the user to both analyze and visualize the distribution of daylight throughout the year.

resources:thesis [Climate-Based Daylight Modelling]

Perhaps surprisingly, these two measurements are all that are needed to model diffuse daylight.

A set of criteria for general daylighting performance assessment was developed using the data obtained from a questionnaire survey conducted in two residential building estates in Hong Kong.

The calculations of average daylight factors and vertical daylight factor use the concept that the external view of the window is divided azimuthally into 36 segments, so that the exterior environment can be defined by 36 pairs of altitude angles describing the obstructions to daylight from the sky.

daylight, n. The light of day.
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    Of the 68 elements in each hourly weather record, two are of primary importance for climate-based daylight modeling:

  • Daylighting architecture thesis

    When infamous short seller Marc Cohodes released his short thesis on Badger Daylighting Ltd

  • Quantification of daylighting. Master's thesis

    The aspects with regard to both daylighting and electric lighting performance were studied through field ..

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The thesis shows that daylighting ..

With CBDM, we can calculate daylight metrics such as spatial Daylight Availability and Annual Sunlight Exposure (IES 2012), Useful Daylight Illuminance (Nabil et al. 2006), Daylight Glare Probability (Wienold et al. 2006), and more. The first two metrics are important in that they are necessary for earning all three LEED v4 daylighting credit points (USGBC 2013). As consultants to architectural firms, lighting design professionals have an obligation to provide these metrics. Glare metrics take this one step further, offering the ability to identify potential design problems with large expanses of glazing.

Simulation tools - The Daylight Site | Daylighting …

We know better, of course. Given the architectural plans of a building, including both its geographical coordinates and orientation, we know we can use historical weather data to determine the typical distribution of daylight within the building for every hour of every day of the year. We even have a name for this: climate-based daylight modeling (CBDM), an expression introduced a decade ago at a CIBSE lighting conference appropriately called “Engineering the Future” (Mardaljevic 2006).

All Things Lighting | Relevance in Illumination Engineering

We have for the past one hundred and fifty years relied on to predict the distribution of daylight in architectural spaces. The daylight factor metric is exceedingly simple to calculate, but it is not very useful in understanding how daylight illuminates an interior space. All it really tells us (and our clients) is whether there will be sufficient daylight to read a newspaper indoors on an overcast day. We have, in other words, good reason to blush.

Looking Beyond Light Recipes Ian Ashdown, P

Going further still, we can design and validate daylight harvesting systems for energy savings, and address building energy modeling issues involving solar insolation. Most important, we can work with architects during the conceptual design phase to take full advantage of what daylighting has to offer. From a lighting design perspective, CBDM expands the consulting services we can provide.

Eng, FIES Senior Scientist, Lighting Analysts Inc

Apart from having a wonderfully circular definition in most English-language dictionaries, daylight really is just another form of illumination. As such, most people would expect lighting designers to be able to simulate daylight with the same ease that we simulate electric lighting … but ah, I see you blushing.

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