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The goal of the project was 100% energy autonomy and environmentally friendly in its construction and energy supply.

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The project aims to provide research on efficient technology for the purpose of identifying ways to achieve further improvement and to update mechanisms of relatively fast bio-monitoring.

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Construction is a relatively hazardous undertaking. As Table 13-1 illustrates, there are significantly more injuries and lost workdays due to injuries or illnesses in construction than in virtually any other industry. These work related injuries and illnesses are exceedingly costly. The estimated that accidents cost $8.9 billion or nearly seven percent of the $137 billion (in 1979 dollars) spent annually for industrial, utility and commercial construction in the United States. Included in this total are direct costs (medical costs, premiums for workers' compensation benefits, liability and property losses) as well as indirect costs (reduced worker productivity, delays in projects, administrative time, and damage to equipment and the facility). In contrast to most industrial accidents, innocent bystanders may also be injuried by construction accidents. Several crane collapses from high rise buildings under construction have resulted in fatalities to passerbys. Prudent project managers and owners would like to reduce accidents, injuries and illnesses as much as possible.

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Choice of technology can also be critical in determining the safety of a jobsite. Safeguards built into machinery can notify operators of problems or prevent injuries. For example, simple switches can prevent equipment from being operating when protective shields are not in place. With the availability of on-board electronics (including computer chips) and sensors, the possibilities for sophisticated machine controllers and monitors has greatly expanded for construction equipment and tools. Materials and work process choices also influence the safety of construction. For example, substitution of alternative materials for asbestos can reduce or eliminate the prospects of long term illnesses such as .

While eliminating accidents and work related illnesses is a worthwhile goal, it will never be attained. Construction has a number of characteristics making it inherently hazardous. Large forces are involved in many operations. The jobsite is continually changing as construction proceeds. Workers do not have fixed worksites and must move around a structure under construction. The tenure of a worker on a site is short, so the worker's familiarity and the employer-employee relationship are less settled than in manufacturing settings. Despite these peculiarities and as a result of exactly these special problems, improving worksite safety is a very important project management concern.

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Except as specified below, special information and supplementary documentation must be included as part of the Project Description (or part of the budget justification), if it is relevant to determining the quality of the proposed work. Information submitted in the following areas is not considered part of the 15-page Project Description limitation. This Special Information and Supplementary Documentation section also is not considered an appendix. Specific guidance on the need for additional documentation may be obtained from the organization’s SPO or in the references cited below.

Project course which provides working laboratory experience with construction and behavior of compilers and interpreters. Students build actual language processors and perform experiments which reveal their behaviors.

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    The project is finalized, but S.O.L.I.D still maintains the plant and monitors the data of the plant frequently.

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a. Projects involving research with human subjects must ensure that subjects are protected from research risks in conformance with the relevant Federal policy known as the Common Rule (, ). All projects involving human subjects must either (1) have approval from an Institutional Review Board (IRB) before issuance of an NSF award; or, (2) must affirm that the IRB has declared the research exempt from IRB review, in accordance with the applicable subsection, as established in section 101(b) of the Common Rule. If certification of exemption is provided after submission of the proposal and before the award is issued, the exemption number corresponding to one or more of the exemption categories also must be included in the documentation provided to NSF.

for these functions on particular projects.

In contrast to this traditional approach of quality control is the goal of . In this system, no defective items are allowed anywhere in the construction process. While the zero defects goal can never be permanently obtained, it provides a goal so that an organization is never satisfied with its quality control program even if defects are reduced by substantial amounts year after year. This concept and approach to quality control was first developed in manufacturing firms in Japan and Europe, but has since spread to many construction companies. The best known formal certification for quality improvement is the International Organization for Standardization's ISO 9000standard. ISO 9000 emphasizes good documentation, quality goals and a series of cycles of planning, implementation and review.

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(iv) A GOALI-Industrial PI Confirmation Letter from the industrial partner that confirms the participation of a co-PI from industry must be submitted with the proposal (if applicable, the letter also must state the degree of industrial participation as well as detail any support that the industry is providing to the academic partner). All GOALI-related confirmation must be uploaded under "GOALI-Industrial PI Confirmation Letter" in the supplementary documentation section of FastLane. This supplementary documentation will not be counted towards the 15-page Project Description limitation; and

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In "Megaprojects and Risk," the author studies multibillion-dollar construction projects woldwide, finding about nine out of 10 went over budget, with many running 40 percent over original estimates. The author, a professor of development and planning at a university in Denmark, concludes that sponsors of such projects systematically underestimate costs and environmental impacts, and overestimates revenues to win approval for their projects.

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