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Actually, Emotional Intelligence is more complex than that.

They believe that Emotional Intelligence is just recognizing emotions.

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These interactions have an effect on our emotions.

In this paper, the author will compare this premise of emotional intelligence with the Leader-member exchange (LMX) theory and the situational approach to leadership (Northouse, 2010)....

Emotional intelligence is traits that go beyond academic achievement or IQ.

Fortunately, an indeed research takes emotional intelligence to an ultimate ideal in which intelligence is based on emotions, and people who contain this capacity are less depressed, in good health, more employable, and have better interactions....

Emotional intelligence is sometimes referred to as EI or EQ.

In the beginning common thoughts from managers and or supervisors were; emotions are in the way; emotions try to keep us from making good decisions; emotions increase a lack on focusing.

One of the most critical aspects of gaining more emotional controlis to learn how to identify your automatic thoughts.

Emotional labor is mainly adapted in the service industry.

Ornstein states:

"Under the stimulusof self-observation, the [mental operating system] seems to begin to changeand the fixed links between action and reaction are loosened, leaving roomfor some serious choices and redirection of the mind."
The multimind metaphor is also useful for increasing your ability todeal with other people's emotional reactions.

Develop your ability to stand back and observe your own mental and emotionalfunctioning as if you were a zoologist studying the living habits of animals.

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  • The emotional responses of the reptile brain are severely limited.

    Emotional intelligence refers to one’s ability to perceive emotions, control them, and evaluate them.

  • The limbic system is much concerned with the emotions.

    Regulating emotions encompasses the control of emotions in oneself and in others.

  • Says Hart:"Emotions involve the human brain at all levels.

    I think that a person with high emotional intelligence would have handled the situation as I did.

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Try it the next time you experience an emotionlike fear.

The use of EI was based on the belief that emotionally intelligent people regard their own emotions and the emotions of others as a basis in framing their relationships with other people (Mayer and Salovey, 1993, 1997)....

I should say: especially their emotions.

Emotional intelligence can be also mentioned as the space for goal-oriented adaptive behavior; it also concentrates on the aspects of intellect that law self-knowledge and communal adaption....

We can become "infected" by the emotions and moods of others.

Peurifoy's Although both of these books are largely concerned with various emotionaldisorders, they contain valuable information on the topic of emotionalcontrol in general.

Instead, my emotions are now calling the shots.

According to psychologists “intelligence is the capacity to understand the world, think rationally, and use resources effectively when faced with challenges.” (Feldman, R.

Introduction to the concept of emotional intelligence.

They only become stupidities in human beings, where higher corticalcenters have been developed as "In short, to the extent that a human follows the genetic primate-packpatterns, without feeding back from the cortex, that human is still actinglike an ape, and hasn't acquired facility in using the New Brain."This goes to the heart of the problem of emotional control.

This is an important book for boosting emotional maturity.

They are both worth reading even if you don't haveany "emotional disorders."Assigning Meaning to Events
The basic idea behind cognitive therapy is that by changing the wayyou think, you can change the way you feel and act.

Speculations on the origins and evolution of human intelligence.

T. Hatch and H. Gardner (1993) ‘Finding cognition in the classroom: an expanded view of human intelligence’ in G. Salomon (ed.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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