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EECS 296. Master of Science Thesis Research. 1-16 Units.

A new design of optical delay-line correlator, the hybrid correlator, is therefore proposed, analysed and demonstrated.

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Topics include: RF component modeling; matching network design; transmission line theory/modeling; Smith chart and S-parameters; noise modeling of active and passive components; high-frequency amplifier design; low-noise amplifier (LNA) design; mixer design; RF power amplifier.

PhD Thesis:

Embedded systems design flow and methodology. Design space exploration. Co-design of hardware and software, embedded architecture and network exploration and synthesis. System software/hardware interface generation. Real-time constraints, specification-to-architecture mapping, design tools and methodologies. Formerly EECS 222B.

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Thesis: "Performance Limits of CULP-CDMA Receivers Based on Four Wave Mixers"

The Ph.D. preliminary examination is conducted twice a year, in the spring and fall quarters. Detailed requirements for each concentration are specified in the departmental Ph.D. preliminary examination policies, available from the EECS Graduate Admissions Office. A student who already has an M.S. on enrollment must pass the Ph.D. preliminary examination within one complete academic year cycle after entering the Ph.D. program. A student who does not already have an M.S. on enrollment must pass the Ph.D. preliminary examination within two complete academic year cycles after entering the Ph.D. program. A student has only two chances to take and pass the Ph.D. preliminary examination. A student who fails the Ph.D. preliminary examination twice will be asked to withdraw from the program, or will be dismissed from the program, and may not be readmitted into the program.

The outstanding performance of the system with the proposed canceller is illustrated in terms of bit error rate performance and the simplicity of the structure.

Figure 10 shows the general use of the spectrum using CDMA Thesis: ..

Thesis: "Performance Analysis of Coherent Optical CDMA in the Various Jamming Environments"

Fundamentals of high-performance computing, covering both theory and practice. Topics include performance analysis and tuning, design of parallel and I/O efficient algorithms, basics of parallel machine architectures, and current/emerging programming models (shared memory, distributed memory, and accelerators).

Computational models for embedded systems. System-level specification and description languages. Concepts, requirements, examples. Embedded system models at different levels of abstraction. Modeling of test benches, design under test, IP components. Discrete event simulation, semantics, and algorithms. Formerly EECS 222A.

Thesis: "Throughput Enhancement of Wireless Optical CDMA Systems via Multilevel Signalings"
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  • Synchronous optical frequency hopping CDMA systems…

    Thesis Title:"Multi-Service Provisioning and QoS Guarantee in All-Optical Code-Switched GMPLS core Networks"

  • Simulation of a CDMA system based on optical orthogonal codes

    Thesis Title:"Novel Probabilistic Bounds on Power Level Profile of Spectrally-Encoded Spread-Time CDMA Signals."

  • THESIS: A Comparison Between Synchronous CDMA and Orthogonal ..

    Thesis Title: "Ultra-Dense 5G Smart Cell Deployment for Fiber and Wireless Backhaul-Aware Infrastructures"

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This program is administered jointly by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) in The Henry Samueli School of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. For information, see the of the Catalogue.

Information Technology IT Seminar Topics 2015 2016 …

Thesis: "Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Optical
Communications Systems Based on Two-Photon
Absorption (TPA) Detection Scheme"

Computer Science (CSE) and MCA Seminar Topics 2017 …

Program Educational Objectives: Graduates of the Electrical Engineering program will (1) engage in professional practice in academia, industry, or government; (2) promote innovation in the design, research and implementation of products and services in the field of electrical engineering through strong communication, leadership and entrepreneurial skills; (3) engage in life-long learning in the field of electrical engineering. (Program educational objectives are those aspects of engineering that help shape the curriculum; achievement of these objectives is a shared responsibility between the student and UCI.)

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer …

The sample program of study chart shown is typical for the major in Computer Engineering. Students should keep in mind that this program is based upon a sequence of prerequisites, beginning with adequate preparation in high school mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Students who are not adequately prepared, or who wish to make changes in the sequence for other reasons, must have their program approved by their advisor. Computer Engineering majors must consult at least once every year with the academic counselors in the Student Affairs Office and with their faculty advisor.

Course List - Electrical Engineering | CSUF

The undergraduate Electrical Engineering curriculum is built around a basic core of humanities, mathematics, and natural and engineering science courses. It is arranged to provide the fundamentals of synthesis and design that will enable graduates to begin careers in industry or to go on to graduate study. UCI Electrical Engineering students take courses in network analysis, electronics, electronic system design, signal processing, control systems, electromagnetics, and computer engineering. They learn to design circuits and systems to meet specific needs and to use modern computers in problem analysis and solution.

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