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Then maybe we can finally be secure. Um, yeah.

Is OData ready for prime time?.News View All; Web services and SOA web services security thesis implementations in the.

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One way to achieve security and privacy, while at the same time ensuring it is not viewed as a zero sum game, is to make one agency responsible and accountable for both security and privacy, with a separate oversight body for each requirement.

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It's a question of view point, in the short term it is genrally not a zero sum game, in the long term however it appears to be (due to changes in other factors).

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The false dichotomy of security vs. privacy assumes that security is someone else's responsibility.

I want to beileve you, but i dont think you have made your case. The substantive part of the argument is "Since 9/11, approximately three things have potentially improved airline security: reinforcing the cockpit doors, passengers realizing they have to fight back and -- possibly -- sky marshals."

Privacy the way we normally think of it will soon be gone, whether or not we explicity trade it for a promise of security or sell it for a 2% discount on crap. What we need to do is make sure we retain control of our rights.

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@slip - he was referring to security measures instituted as a response to 9/11

I am looking for evidence to show that our leaders are not totally bat-shit insane. So far, I not found much evidence making the case for sanity.

Much of our post-9/11 security measures are focused on identification, as if knowing who someone is will tell us their intentions. Unfortunately, it's not the case -- knowing someone's identity does not tell you if they're a terrorist, and detecting likely terrorists does not necessarily entail identifying them (note behavioral profiling, etc.) You must reduce privacy to get universal identification -- and the government is stuck on the idea that security needs that.

I don't think it's so useful to argue about whether or not security and privacy sum to zero.
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    Scholars of writing, however, find that a fully formed articulation of thesis to be one of the final steps in writing.

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    "Security affects privacy only when it's based on identity, and there are limitations to that sort of approach."

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    For me, unless this aspect is clarified as well, even the security / privacy viewpoint is not complete.

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He is the security expert for the Netbackup product line.

Is the U.K. National Identity system going to give more "security" not a chance (it will however serverly effect Tax avoidance by those at the bottom of the heap).

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One estimate indicates that the against the population the U.K. has twenty times as many cams per head as the next state... Does this make people in the U.K. any more secure? No we are seeing significant increases in crimes involving guns and knives on the streets..

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Then look back at East Germany and Albania they were supposedly the most opressive societies due to "State Security" services monitoring. What happened, they colapsed economicaly as they could no longer afford the costs of their policies. The result that they now have comparitivly low levels of monitoring.

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There is always a trade off between the "States right to know" and the individuals "right to privacy" it is pure FUD to make the claim that the "States right to know" is in anyway related to "security" except for those currently in power.

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about the status and control of lighting, air conditioning, security etc) where the IP address of the device is secondary to its role, location and the content that exists (e.g.

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In the end all opresive "security" is bound to fail it's stated purpose of security and also shortly afterwards it's unstated purpose of "mass survalence".

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"If privacy and security really were a zero-sum game, we would have seen mass immigration into the former East Germany and modern-day China. While it's true that police states like those have less street crime, no one argues that their citizens are fundamentally more secure."

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