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Smathers Library Homepage" style="border: none;" title="George A.

As most of us have experienced, Os vapour penetrates plastic
caps when stored in a freezer.
I think that your options are another fridge or only purchase made-up osmium in
small vials for use without further storage after opening.

College of Journalism and Communications | University of Florida

Circa 1970 that instrument was the worst money could buy in
} the
} Western World."
} Yes, that instrument looked good, it had a big column and would make a fine
} statue in someone's garden (so Laura suggested, personal communications).

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The Foundation for The Gator Nation

However, I've seen
} pretty nasty film faults recovered in the darkroom.

I have recovered some of the those nasty faults in the dark room.

I took images I made
30 years ago that were unprintable and made decent looking digital prints.
was not one bit more of detail there but I could stretch the contrast range
it looked OK.

Every time you process the image you loose information.

Professor WS Fred Wong, National University of Singapore, Singapore


Also, if the P2O5 is
a minute fraction of the P in the waste water stream, there might not be
a measurable effect from your addition, but the environmental cost of
producing an alternative dissicant could be measurable.
Bill Tivol

I've ordered recyclable dessicant in a canister to try out, but
} wanted to see how others are dealing with this aspect of microscopy.
} Look forward to hearing from you all :)

Dear Figan,
We have (at least) two systems; one uses P2O5, and the other uses

Frank Hennequart, ALGAIA SAS, France
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  • Vacuum level became} bad and I could not turn on the gun.

  • Some parts I could take} out of chamber and clean.


  • The other parts, I could not take out because they} were stationary.

    Master's Thesis

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I have to clean them in a state of being equipped.

In addition, possible interactions between point
defects and alloying elements will be explored using analytical methods
including: core-loss imaging, electron energy-loss spectroscopy and EDX

Could any of you} give me help out of your good experiences?

The project requires the systematic examination of specimens from a range
of model alloys subjected to different thermal and irradiation treatments
to characterise the matrix damage present in the form of point defect
clusters and dislocation loops, using weak beam analysis in
energy-filtered images.

de la Faiencerie L-1511 Luxembourgtel.

The Department of Materials operates a range of electron
microscopes including a JEOL 3000F FEG-TEM with GIF and EDX, an HB501
dedicated FEG-STEM and 400keV HREM instruments.

Resumes accepted by fax, email, orsnail mail.

The successful applicant
will join a rapidly growing group of post-doctoral and postgraduate
students engaged in microstructural and chemical characterisation of a
wide range of materials using electron microscopy.

Was there any advantage in seeing thestain particles more sharply?

The successful candidate will possess a PhD in a materials science,
physics or materials engineering field, be able to work within a group and
be able to liase with industrial collaborators.

Bit of a} pain to share negatives with another operator.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in SCC/Electron Microscopy

A 2-year postdoctoral research fellowship is available to develop the use
of analytical transmission electron microscopy methods to investigate
environmentally assisted cracking (EAC) in austenitic stainless steels, in
collaboration with Rolls-Royce Marine Power.

Absolutely awful for} taking lots of images and changing specimens.

The post concerns: (i) the development of specimen preparation techniques
for generation of electron-transparent foils from materials containing
cracks; and (ii) the systematic examination of a series of materials of
selected compositions in which EAC has been induced in aqueous
environments under controlled stress, temperature, environmental chemistry
and corrosion potential.

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